Ben Affleck is not joining DC Studios as director

The Batman star said plain and simple that he isn't interested in joining James Gunn's DC Universe as a director.

Ben Affleck will be appearing as Batman in two movies this year for the DC Universe before ending his stint as Dark Knight. As his time as the caped crusader comes to a close, DC Studios’ co-CEO James Gunn has suggested that the actor could possibly become a director for one of the future projects of the franchise.

Affleck shutdown talks about directing projects for DC.

Affleck debuted as Bruce Wayne / Batman in the 2016 movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which was directed by Zack Snyder. The actor reprised the role in Justice League as well as the Snyder Cut of the movie.

Affleck will have his final appearances as Batman in the upcoming superhero movies The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In The Flash, the actor will star alongside another Batman in Michael Keaton.

Justice League star Jason Momoa also teased that Affleck will be appearing as the caped crusader in Aquaman 2.

Many fans lamented the end of Affleck’s stint as the Dark Knight. While his time as Batman was divisive, viewers grew accustomed to his darker take on the character.

The actor first appeared as the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

James Gunn quickly addressed fan disappointment by saying that DC Studios is considering giving Affleck the role of director in a future project. The actor was set to direct The Batman before Matt Reeves took the lead in the movie. Having Affleck as part of the new DC Universe would help pacify fans who are still reeling from the departure of Henry Cavill and the uncertainty surrounding Gal Gadot’s return.

However, the Batman star does not seem interested in taking the director’s chair for the DCU. Affleck said that there is absolutely no chance of him working as a director for the franchise.

"I would not direct something for the [James] Gunn DC. Absolutely not," Affleck said. "I have nothing against James Gunn. Nice guy, sure he’s going to do a great job. I just wouldn’t want to go in and direct in the way they’re doing that. I’m not interested in that."

Gunn and Safran completely revamped DC when they took over as co-CEOs of DC Studios. The duo changed the name of the franchise to DC Universe and has made some casting choices that haven’t sat well with fans.

Affleck will have a short role as Batman in The Flash.

Gunn has also been in control of the creative direction of the franchise. He recently announced the first slate of projects for the rebooted DC Universe. It was recently confirmed that the director will be personally working on Superman: Legacy and Creature Commandoes.

With Gunn and Safran’s control over DC Studios, it is easy to understand why Affleck would not want to work for the franchise. It seems like the actor prefers to have more creative control over the projects that he will be helming.

Fans will next see Ben Affleck as Batman in The Flash which premieres on June 23.

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