Battlefield Portal is 2042's secret mash-up mode

Following a bit of an early leak, the insane DIY mash-up mode Battlefield Portal has been officially revealed at EA Play Live.

We've been wondering what Battlefield 2042's mysterious third mode would be ever since the game was announced and had only two of its modes revealed back before E3. Now, following a leak right before the official reveal at EA Play Live, Battlefield Portal has been shown off to the world with the bombastic new trailer.

Battlefield Portal lines up with most of the rumors and leaks we've heard leading up to its unveiling. This is a mashup mode pulling in content from past Battlefield games and combining them all in one massive customizable sandbox powered by the community. Six maps drawn from across Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 have been fully remastered in the new game's engine and made compatible with Levolution mechanics and 128-player lobbies.

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The content included in Battlefield Portal also extends to weapons and vehicles seen in these older games. The maps included are the Battle of the Bulge and El Alamein from Battlefield 1942; Arica Harbor and Valparaiso from Battlefield: Bad Company 2; and Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals from Battlefield 3, and you can have vehicles from any title zooming around them all.

The seven maps Battlefield 2042 is launching with are also included in the extravaganza, and it gets better - players are given a huge amount of control over the various rules, objectives and mechanics of the game modes that are playable via Battlefield Portal, thanks to the Battlefield Builder utility.

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Battlefield Builder is a sort of drag-and-drop rudimentary game design program that lets you create custom scenarios within Battlefield Portal for anyone to play. You don't need to own Battlefield 2042 to access Battlefield Builder and publish your game modes - but you do in order to play them.

Battlefield Builder lets you customize game modes on the script level.

Whether you are simply looking to trigger a war between 2042's military robot dogs and some WWII heavy armor, or have ideas to implement on the scripting level with Battlefield Builder to create truly legendary custom scenarios, Portal is the perfect game mode for fans to ramp the extreme factor Battlefield is known for even further.

Battlefield 2042 will launch on October 22.

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