Battlefield 6 Screenshots Leak Online Ahead of Trailer Launch

Battlefield 6 is easily one of the most highly anticipated games of 2021. The excitement arguably peaked last week after EA and DICE confirmed a lot of things about the next Battlefield game. However, while DICE and EA have yet to drop an official trailer or screenshots for Battlefield 6, it seems like insiders have beaten them to the punch after Battlefield 6 screenshots leaked online.

If true, the Battlefield 6 screenshots prove that a lot of the earlier leaks were true.

Are The Battlefield 6 Screenshots Authentic?

This image, in particular, matches the earlier concept arts for the next Battlefield game that was leaked online.

Two screenshots claiming to be that of Battlefield 6 have leaked. This comes just a little over a week after DICE and EA finally talked more about the next Battlefield game. Unfortunately, there's no way to verify the authenticity of the pictures, which are likely to be screengrabs from an unreleased Battlefield 6 trailer. However, one thing to note is that the images match Battlefield 6 concept art leaked earlier. In particular, the images show a rocket launching as seen from the cockpit of a vehicle and an aerial view of helicopters hovering above an island with a storm coming.

As we have already mentioned, there's no way to confirm if this is from Battlefield 6. At the same time, closer inspection suggests that it's not from previous Battlefield games either. The setting looks far too modern to be from Battlefield 5 and Battlefield 1. Meanwhile, despite the low resolution, the photos do suggest that it's from a next-gen game.

With that said, another thing that gives further credence to the legitimacy of the screengrabs is the rumors that BF6 will have a modern-day setting.

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According to Tom Henderson, the next Battlefield game will be set "around 10 years from now". He added that Battlefield 6 will feature weapons that militaries are currently using or that are based on those in development. Henderson has also leaked other important bits of information regarding Battlefield 6. This includes its name, Battlefield, and a campaign that will let players pick sides between the USA and Russia.

The expectation is for Electronic Arts and DICE to drop the first-ever Battlefield trailer in Spring 2021. We've only got a few weeks left before this year's Spring season ends which means that it's only a matter of time before we find out if these Battlefield 6 screenshots are legitimate or not. DICE might even choose to drop the first Battlefield trailer at the rumored EA Play Live 2021 showcase in June 2021.

In the meantime, players can give Battlefield V a shot. The 2018 title was announced as one of the free games included in the PS Plus May 2021 games lineup.

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