Battlefield 6 Rumors: Soft Reboot Supporting 128 Players

New rumors have arisen about the next installment of industry leading military FPS franchise Battlefield. Continuing the series' inscrutable naming scheme, the upcoming 17th installment is rumored to be called Battlefield 6 and will return to the modern setting with massive multiplayer maps supporting up to 128 players.

Known data-miner and informant Trevor Henderson, who goes online by TheLongSensation, has posted a video including what are allegedly development details for this year's Battlefield game. It seems EA and DICE are taking a few pages from the book of rival Call of Duty with their approach to the new launch.

According to the information, 2021's game will be called Battlefield 6 and support cross-generation play. Not only launching on PC and new consoles Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, the title will be playable natively on Xbox One and PS4 too. The versions on new platforms and PC reportedly support multiplayer matches with up to 128 players blasting away at one another.

Modern gear, weapons and tactics are getting the spotlight again, according to rumors.

After two games exploring the major conflicts of the 20th century - with Battlefield 1 even tackling the First World War that action-packed FPS games usually avoid - Battlefield 6 will swing back to the modern setting. It seems that the new game will be a soft reboot of the iconic Battlefield 3, possibly bringing back certain characters and plot points.

While the increased player count will be a key selling point on the new consoles, traditionalists will be happy to hear that the standard 64 player modes are also going to be available. Players who haven't upgraded their consoles will only be able to play these modes with larger 128 player modes beyond the capabilities of the old hardware.

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No prizes for figuring out how the playing field shrunk in Firestorm.

DICE didn't stop there with the... inspiration. The game will also sport a battle royale mode. Whether or not this will be free to play like Call of Duty Warzone, or part of the main game like Firestorm, remains to be seen. Battlefield has usually tried to press its advantages of  graphical fidelity, greater attention to detail afforded by spaced out releases and longer post-launch content support cycles.

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