Battlefield 6 Reveal Set for June 9

After several months of rumors, Electronic Arts is finally ready to separate what's real from what's not in an official Battlefield 6 reveal set for June 9.

Battlefield 6 will be the first Battlefield game to release since 2018's Battlefield V.

The Battlefield 6 Reveal Is Finally Coming

The last Battlefield game with sci-fi elements was 2006's Battlefield 2142.

There has been many games that have been released and/or teased over the past few years. However, only a few have been subject to as many rumors, leaks, and speculation as Battlefield 6.

So far, we've heard just about everything regarding Battlefield 6 from unofficial sources. This includes a potential trailer release date, screenshots of the reveal trailer, which platforms Battlefield 6 will launch on, and so on.

But, since most of the news that we've heard of Battlefield 6 have come from insiders and not EA, a lot of people believed that it would be a while before a proper Battlefield 6 reveal would take place. Thankfully, this is not the case. EA itself has confirmed that the first Battlefield 6 reveal is set for next week.

As we've already mentioned, this will serve as everyone's first chance of seeing a Battlefield 6 reveal straight from Electronic Arts. By then, we'll finally know what's real from what's not. This includes, among others, whether Battlefield 6 will indeed be set in the near future or will follow the footsteps of its predecessors and still be set in the past.

Unfortunately, this is all the news regarding Battlefield 6 that we can share for now. If it's any consolation, we do have a specific time and date. The first Battlefield 6 reveal will start streaming on June 9 at 7:00 AM PT or 10:00 AM ET.

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With that said, a lot of fans are hoping for Electronic Arts to hit it big with Battlefield 6. It's been a while since a noteworthy Battlefield title has been released. Most fans were not particularly fond of the last entry, Battlefield 5. However, a return to a modern-day setting would probably help reignite fan interest. The last time EA released a modern-day Battlefield was in 2006 with Battlefield 2142 and 2015's Battlefield Hardline.

Hopefully, the Battlefield 6 reveal will include a release date, or, at the very least, a release window. After this, we can expect EA to show more of Battlefield 6 at EA Play in July.

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