Insider Leaks Battlefield 6 Reveal Date

DICE and EA's (and Criterion Games') upcoming AAA shooter, Battlefield 6, has been in development for quite a while now. But, it wasn't until very recently that DICE and EA formally acknowledged its existence by promising a lot of big things. Yet, despite the earlier announcement, EA and DICE haven't really revealed much about Battlefield 6 outside the fact that multiple studios are working on the game and making sure that it's basically the best Battlefield game yet.

If we are to believe the recent leak from an industry insider, the first Battlefield 6 trailer could drop on May 7.

With that said, fans eagerly awaiting more substantial details on BF6 might not have to wait for too much longer after an industry insider has claimed that he knows when the Battlefield 6 reveal date is.

Battlefield 6 Reveal Date Imminent

Only time will tell if Roberto Serrano is right on the money with his leak or not.

The latest Battlefield 6 leak comes from industry insider, Roberto Serrano. He claims that EA and DICE will confirm the Battlefield 6 reveal date on April 30. Afterward, EA and DICE will drop the first-ever Battlefield 6 trailer on May 7. He even says that the Battlefield 6 reveal will drop at 1:00 PT on May 7, which is quite specific as far as unverified leaks go.

As exciting as this new piece of information is, we recommend taking it with a grain of salt. Although Serrano has leaked the right info before, he also has made several mistakes. Then again, an April 30 announcement with a May 7 reveal does make sense. Battlefield 6 is set to release later this 2021, so generating hype a couple of months prior fits the ideal timeline of events.

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So far, DICE and EA have done a great job locking up official information about Battlefield 6. Most of what we have to go on are leaks and rumors. This includes what the first trailer and a multiplayer map could look like, a potential maximum player count per map, and even Battlefield 6 releasing exclusively on next-gen consoles, albeit the last bit is something that even EA and DICE have hinted at with their earlier announcement.

Of course, as we've reiterated numerous times, all of this information is not officially verified. This means that it could be true or false. The only way we'll know is if and when EA and DICE decide to clear things up. However, one thing we're sure of is that EA and DICE are working on Battlefield 6 and that it will release in 2021.

Whether a proper reveal will happen on May 7 or not is the question now. If it doesn't happen then, it might happen at EA Play Live 2021.

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