Battlefield 2042 might get Year 2 content according to data

The new leak was found from the code of the Origin launcher for the game.

EA and DICE have plans for Year 2 of Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 has made a huge comeback and is regaining the player base it had at launch as fans praise additional content added to the game since the start of Season 1. The good news keeps on coming for the once-beleaguered shooter, as according to a new leak, Battlefield 2042 will have Year 2 support.

Players have been reporting a popup appearing in Origin, EA's game distribution platform, with the words "Year 2 Upgrade" and some placeholder text. This caught the attention of Reddit user daniluk400 who checked out the API for Origin. He found out that the game does indeed have some part of the code pertaining to Year 2 of Battlefield.

"Some folks have spotted [a Battlefield 2042] ‘Year 2 upgrade’ in Origin and published their screenshots," the user said. "I’ve decided to become an ‘API man’ once again and use Origin API once more to check if this is fake."

The user found out that the screenshot was legit and is the only one found inside the API with placeholder text. The Year 2 DLC is shown to cost €2, also likely a placeholder. According to the user, this is not some old code that lingered around but something recently added, most likely from the March 17 update.

"Year 2 Upgrade" is spotted in Origin from battlefield2042

While the listing does not officially confirm the Year 2 upgrade, it does add a high degree of certainty that EA and DICE have future plans for Battlefield 2042. The company may announce Year 2 when Season 5 arrives in June.

The leak doesn’t tell us what content to expect with Year 2 of Battlefield 2042. However, fans will be fans and have already begun speculating on what can be added to the game. They certainly have a long list of wished-for features.

We assume that DICE will be adding another four seasons worth of content to the game with Year 2. Hopefully, the studio can manage to add one or two maps per season to increase the variety. If there are new maps, we will likely see additional game modes added.

Players may get additional content for Year 2 such as maps, weapons, and vehicles.

We may also see more weapons and vehicles added to Battlefield 2042. However, we will not be getting new specialists as DICE already announced that it does not have any more plans to add new characters to the game.

Overall, the news of Year 2 content is definitely cause for joy in Battlefield 2042. The game has had a huge uptick in player count as PlayStation added the game to PlayStation Plus this month. According to reports, the player base on the platform has increased by around 500%.

We hope that EA officially announces Year 2 soon. It will push momentum for the game even more, attracting new and returning players to the first-person shooter.

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