Battlefield 2042 will have a special event in October

DICE teases players of a mid-October special event along with the details for Update 2.1.

A new Battlefield 2042 event will be happening in the middle of October.
A new Battlefield 2042 event will be happening in the middle of October.

Battlefield 2042 has been on the upswing lately. The launch of Season 2 has garnered more praise from players who have been enjoying the recent enhancements done to the game. It looks like players will be getting more updates from DICE and EA for the first-person shooter.

Battlefield 2042 just released Update 2.1 for Season 2: Master of Arms and along with some new content, DICE teased an event coming in mid-October.

According to the EA, the event will feature an "infantry only gameplay with tight playspaces and intense close-quarters combat," and it will reveal more about the event at a later date. During the event, players can earn cosmetic items that we assume are the hazmat suit and red face mask shown in the blog.

The special event will happen just before Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 comes out in late October. The event should attract players who are torn between playing Battlefield 2042 or Modern Warfare 2. This highlights DICE’s continued commitment to the once beleaguered shooter.

What's coming to Battlefield 2042 in Update 2.1?

The Polaris RZR is finally coming to the game.
The Polaris RZR is finally coming to the game.

Update 2.1 will be addressing issues that players have encountered during the launch of Season 2: Master of Arms. The patch will fix map issues, bullet damage inconsistencies and improve the performance of helicopters.

One of the additions to the new Battlefield 2042 patch is the reworked Renewal map. The devs have improved the gameplay flow and added cover to certain areas for the very large map. Renewal also has shorter distances between objectives and improved terrain.

The Polaris RZR vehicle is finally coming to the game. The RZR wa part of the gameplay trailer for Season 2 but it wasn't included in the Battle Pass at launch. The lightweight buggy should be fun to drive around on the Renewal map.

There are also three new vault weapons to be added to the game. The P90 from Battlefield 3 is a bullpup SMG that fires armor-piercing bullets from a 50-round magazine. The update also adds the 1911 .45 caliber sidearm and the GOL Sniper Magnum long-range bolt action rifle from Bad Company 2.

There will be several balance tweaks to helicopters, including improvement to the damage of onboard weapons for rotary-wing aircraft such as miniguns, rockets, and canons.

Helicopters will get a big update for Patch 2.1.
Helicopters will get a big update for Patch 2.1.

Patch 2.1 is also fixing the newly added EBLC-RAM. Specifically, the update will address issues encountered with the insertion beacon as well as tweak the Active Protection System and turret of the vehicle.

The new update will also have a lot more modifications to the maps, specialists, weapons, and overall gameplay. The full details of the update can be found on EA’s blog post.

Update 2.1 is currently live and available for download. Players must update their version of the game before they can play Battlefield 2042.

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