Battlefield 2042 now has three times more players than Halo Infinite

Is Electronic Arts' much-maligned premiere shooter making a comeback? The numbers suggest that things are getting better.

Is Battlefield 2042 dead already? Well, apparently not.

Ultimately, it's sad to see Battlefield 2042 make do with such small numbers when it's billed as a marquee title.

Less than a month after Battlefield 2042 season one came out, the latest installment in EA's marquee shooter franchise appears to have gotten a second wind.

As Tom Henderson points out, the most recent SteamDB stats show that Battlefield 2042 has enjoyed a player base that's at least three times as strong compared to Halo Infinite on Steam. Even if this is not indicative that the "dying" FPS title is turning the table, it does suggest that things are getting better for Battlefield 2042. You can also see that the player reviews are no longer "mostly negative" on Steam as they've trended towards the positive and become "mixed" for now.

Of course, this still isn't the start that EA envisioned when it launched Battlefield 2042. The controversial publisher's attempt to save face and say that it has not given up on Battlefield 2042 yet is admirable, to say the least. But, when you spend years working on the game, it is expected to top sales charts - not stave off irrelevancy.

Battlefield 2042 needs its second season as soon as possible so that it doesn't lose traction.

For what it's worth, it's a good sign that Battlefield 2042 is beating Halo Infinite in terms of numbers. The latter is a free-to-play game, so it's not like anyone's stopping palyers from logging in whenever they want. On the other hand, Battlefield 2042 is a premium title that cost retail price when it first came out and it still does. The increased number suggests that players are coming back to Battlefield 2042 en masse.

Only time will tell if Battlefield 2042 can keep up its current run. Hopefully, it can sustain the momentum and survive the release of Modern Warfare 2 as well as Warzone 2 later this year.

Ray Ampoloquio
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