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Battlefield 2042 Season 2 is coming next week

The new season will add a new map, specialist, weapons and vehicles to the game.

New content is set to drop with Season 2.
New content is set to drop with Season 2.

DICE has put in a lot of work to revive the once troubled first-person shooter. As a result, it is now closer to what players envisioned when it first launched.

Electronic Arts and DICE will be kicking off a brand-new season next week called Master of Arms. The game developer has revealed the second season with an official launch trailer.

The new season looks to build on the narrative that started with the events of Season 1 and feature a new map related to the lore of the game. The new level will feature more close quarters and tight corridors similar to the Exposure map that was added in the previous season.

New specialist

Central to the Season 2 trailer is the new specialist coming to the game: Charlie Crawford.

As we predicted in our article on the new class system coming to the game, Crawford will be added to the support class. His primary role is to revive fallen comrades and provide fire support. The new specialist is a former weapons dealer and he brings with him a mounted Vulcan Stationary Minigun. His support trait resupplies the comrades he revives with ammo and gadgets.

It looks like players can use the Vulcan Stationary Minigun to hold down a choke point. Let’s just hope that it has enough armor to withstand a barrage of bullets and grenades.

Based on the gameplay trailer, abilities, and backstory, Charlie Crawford is the inspiration for the title of the new season. He fits the bill of the Master of Arms with his minigun and support trait.

New map

The new map features a large container ship as the main battle area.
The new map features a large container ship as the main battle area.

The map was leaked by a dataminer the last week and some players weren't happy that only one new map is coming to the game. Meanwhile, others have commented that DICE is adding even more shipping containers to the game. We're curious to see how Battlefield 2042 players will react now that the new map is official.

The new map, Stranded, is located somewhere in Panama and will have several points of interest. One of the main ones is a stranded shipping vessel in a dried-out lake.

The game designers have previously mentioned that they have learned their lessons from feedback given by the community and have made the maps more compact to give players more gunfights. The level design also features more objects that will serve as cover for specialists moving through an area.

Additional content

Season 2 brings several new weapons and vehicles for specialists to use.

The AM40 offers the maneuverability of an SMG with the firepower of an assault rifle. The Avancys is a lightweight machine gun that offers flexibility in its attachments while the new PF51 is a sidearm with a high rate of fire similar to an SMG.

Two vehicles will be added to the game with the first being the four-seater EBLC-RAM which is a highly mobile armored vehicle that can deploy spawn beacons. The other is the fun and agile POLARIS RZR which is a high-speed buggy that specialists can use to flank enemies.  

The update will also add the concussion grenade as a throwable item. The new grenade stuns a wide area and gives specialists a tactical advantage in close quarters.

Battlefield: 2042 Season 2: Master of Arms will be going live on August 30. The new season is expected to last until late November.

The new class system will be deployed when Season 3 starts.

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