Battlefield 2042 players want to boycott EA following refund denial

More than half a year after it hit store shelves, Battlefield 2042 is going through a bit of a renaissance with players coming back to the shooter following the latest update.

It appears that a small chunk of the few thousand remaining Battlefield 2042 players want to organize a boycott. But, that's not all. The said players want people to stop playing the entire EA catalogue.

This is just further proof that petitions don't always work.

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Here's what the organizer of the boycott had to say:

Starting on September 1st, we will boycott EA. Do not play any of their games. Do not purchase any of their games. This boycott should last indefinitely until we get a formal public apology and free EA access for a year.

For context, the organizer created a petition months after Battlefield 2042 came out. In their statement, they claimed that Battlefield 2042 is a "mockery of every customer" who purchased the game. At the time, the organizer added that they'll "reach out to some of the best class action lawyers in the country to evaluate a case against EA and DICE," if the petition reaches more than 50,000 signatures. Unfortunately, some 230,000 or so signatures later, the organizer had bad news to share.

It's still not too late for EA to save Battlefield 2042 judging by how its player count is doing lately.

According to the organizer/s, they've received death threats and no lawyers want to work with them. To make matters worse, the legal feedback they did receive shot down their chances of a refund. In their words, "EA is very well protected" because the law is on their side.

Realistically speaking, there's no chance that this boycott will succeed. EA just surpassed its sales expectations from last quarter. This is in stark contrast to its competitors like Sony and Activision Blizzard, among others, both of which posted lower earnings than expected last quarter. This also suggests that EA's games are more popular than ever.

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Besides, Battlefield 2042 is arguably in its best state yet. Battlefield 2042 is enjoying its highest average player count yet since January, as per Steam Charts.

If nothing else, we're curious if anyone will take this EA boycott seriously come September.

Speaking of EA, rumor has it that its partnership with Disney will now include Marvel games. Reports suggest that the video game publisher is working on Iron Man and Black Panther single-player games.

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