Battlefield 2042 kicks off Season 3 with a massive update

A new operator, map, and weapons will be coming with the new update.

Battlefield 2042 has been continuously evolving into one of the most enjoyable games in the first-person shooter genre. The game overcame a disastrous launch by proceeding to clean up all the glitches and release new content. Popular Twitch streamer Shroud even picked Battlefield 2042 over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 when asked which was the better game.

Battlefield 2042 celebrates the arrival of Season 3 with a massive new update.

Fans of the game were happy with the content that came with the previous seasons of the shooter. DICE is continuing the trend by releasing a massive update to kick off the third season of Battlefield 2042.

The highlight of Battlefield 2042: Season 3 Escalation is the return of the class system. Players have requested for the class system to make a comeback and replace the existing specialist mechanic. The Battlefield franchise boss said that the choice to add specialists was straying too far from the core gameplay that made the series successful.

What is coming with Season 3?

Rasheed Zain is an expert at close-quarters combat and is equipped with an Airburst Grenade Launcher.

Every new season for Battlefield 2042 comes with a new map. For Season 3, DICE is adding the Spearhead map which is set in the Swedish Wilderness. Players will be fighting for control over two massive, cube shape buildings. Spearhead has been described by devs as a close-quarters battle (CQB) map with "two fully automated mega factories and an untamed terrain."

Additionally, DICE has reworked the Manifest and Breakaway maps. Players should take advantage of the additional cover and expect more intense action as both sides fight over the flags.

Season 3 adds three new weapons to Battlefield 2042. The Rorsch MK-4, NVK-P125 Sidearm, and NVK-S22 Shotgun will be added to the game in the update.

The NVK-P125 sidearm can hit enemies at medium distances with its high-speed bullets. The Rorsch MK-4 is a futuristic weapon that "uses electromagnetic forces to launch projectiles at preposterous speeds." The NVK-S22 is a double-barreled semi-automatic shotgun that is perfect for close-range engagements in the new map.

Spearhead will be the new map coming in Season 3.

A new specialist named Rasheed Zain will be added in the new update. Zain will be part of the Assault Class and specializes in close combat.

He is equipped with the semi-automatic XM370A Airburst Launcher that lobs grenades over obstacles to eliminate threats. He can also use the Quick Fix Perk that heals damage instantaneously after getting a kill.

The Class System returns

The Class System will be returning to Battlefield 2042 in the latter part of Season 3.

DICE made a massive overhaul of the current specialist system. The specialists have been assigned to the Assault, Recon, Support, and Engineer classes. Each class has its own unique equipment, but weapons remain unrestricted.

The new class system balances out the specialists and diversifies the meta in Battlefield 2042. Players can now play within a specific role but still have the freedom to use their own playstyles with their favorite specialists.

The class system will arrive in the latter half of Season 3 with Update 3.2. Players have been requesting this feature since DICE started to overhaul the gameplay and fix issues.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 is now live and is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The game will also be available on the Xbox Game Pass starting with Season 3.

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