Battlefield 2042's first season probably will not start until March 2022

A trusted insider just revealed that EA and DICE doesn't plan on releasing Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 until March 2022.

Electronic Arts' Battlefield 2042 is not off to a good start. After being delayed several weeks to launching with several issues (many of which still haven't been fixed yet), it appears that EA and DICE's combined efforts with other of the big-time publisher's subsidiaries might have been all in vain. Of course, it's too early to call it quits on Battlefield 2042, especially as DICE usually releases the first season of content and battle pass shortly after a Battlefield game is released. However, if the recent rumors are to be believed, Battlefield 2042's player base could be long dead by the time Season 1 arrives.

Battlefield First Season Start March

Are DICE and EA shooting themselves in the foot by delaying Battlefield 2042 season 1?

At the moment, Battlefield 2042 is still in its "pre-season" phase with no apparent end in sight. It doesn't help that EA has uncharacteristically remained mum about the game's future. To make matters worse, a dataminer has found "proof" that EA and DICE are planning for Battlefield 2042's "pre-season" to go on for much longer.

According to temporyal, the Battlefield 2042 client contains data for 12 weekly pre-season missions.

Of course, the datamined information does not confirm anything. EA and DICE could have just added "extra" missions in case of a delay. However, if everything you just read is true, the pre-season will end right around the end of February. This would also mean that the first season of Battlefield 2042 will start in March if not later.

Another interesting part about the datamined information is a map that appears to be located in the Canadian Rockies. If this is implemented, the upcoming "Exposure" map will be the first multiplayer map in a Battlefield game that's set in North America in a while. The last time a military map was set in North America was in 2010 in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Battlefield First Season Start March
For a game that's been in development for years, Battlefield 2042 feels a lot less grand than EA and DICE made it out to be.

Naturally, fans are up in arms about the recent leak. Some are also pointing out how this has been EA's MO in recent years. For example, with 2015's Star Wars: Battlefront 2, the game also launched in a laughably sorry state. EA then spent the next several months trying to whip the game up into shape to attract enough players. Then, once the player base was starting to grow, EA went ahead and axed support for the game, apparently because the growth wasn't happening as fast as it wanted. The same thing also happened to 2018's Battlefield V, the Battlefield game immediately prior to Battlefield 2042.

If this is true, then things are about to get a lot worse for Battlefield fans before they get better. Hopefully, this isn't the case though. The publisher has thrown too much money at Battlefield 2042 for it to fail. Unfortunately, if it keeps up its current trajectory, it's in grave danger of hemorrhaging even more players. It's arguably the weakest of the fall shooters, lagging behind Call of Duty: Vanguard and Halo Infinite.

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