Battlefield 2042 finally has the class system

The latest entry into the series now makes DICE's marquee shooter feel a lot like a proper Battlefield game.

Battlefield 2042 has been controversial for many reasons, including using a new specialist system over the traditional class system found in the earlier entries of the series. It was a risky move that quickly backfired and became very divisive among longtime franchise fans.

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The class system is returning to Battlefield 2042 in update 3.2.

But, two years after Battlefield 2042 was launched, the first-person shooter is finally debuting the class system that has been a staple of the franchise. EA announced that the much-requested feature is arriving with update 3.2 later this month, as part of the ongoing Season 3 update.

EA also published a blog that has an in-depth discussion of the upcoming class system. According to EA, the class system will shake up the Battlefield 2042 meta

The class system will bundle equipment and gadgets to a particular class, to fit their roles within a squad and the whole team. The class system balances some parts of the game as specialists can only equip a specific loadout.

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The class system will shake up the meta in Battlefield 2042.

Previously, all specialists could equip any gadget or equipment available. While this provided flexibility, some specialists were favored over others. A good example is Sundance being able to spam a ton of grenades on enemies when using an ammo box.

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With the class system, only support classes can use ammo boxes, and health crates and Rocket Launchers are now exclusive to engineers. Players who love to use vehicles will no longer have to worry about Sundance swooping in to demolish their tank with a rocket launcher.

Also, tied to the class system is weapon proficiency. With this new system, an operator can gain a significant advantage when using a gun that matches his/her class. Assault class specialists will receive three extra magazines when using Assault Rifles, while Recon Specialists will get a steady scope when using Sniper Rifles.

While players can still equip any weapon, this new system will encourage operators to use guns to match their class to gain the proficiency bonus. The passive bonuses will help in making players stick to a particular role within the squad.

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Players will gain passive bonuses via the weapon proficiency when using guns that are tied to their chosen class.

The new Battlefield 2042 update will also feature a unified loadout for the class. When you customize the loadout for Crawford, the same loadout will also be applied when you switch to Boris since both belong to the same class. This makes speeds up and simplifies the process of swapping characters in Battlefield 2042.

The class system will arrive before the end of the month alongside update 3.2. The feature was announced during Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 last year.

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