The latest Battlefield 2042 update adds dangerous flashing to the AAA shooter

Problems just keep on coming for Electronic Arts and DICE as update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042 brought seize-triggering flashing to the game.

Seizure alert: If you're prone to having episodes when you see bright and flashing lights, you might want to stay away from Battlefield 2042 for now.

Battlefield Dangerous Flashing Aaa Shooter
Battlefield 2042 stands to lose even more players the longer it takes for DICE to fix the "flashing" problem.

Update 4.0 should have served as a temporary respite for EA and DICE as the latter works around the clock to try and keep the shooter's player count further below the 1,000-mark.

Instead, the latest Battlefield installment just suffered one of its biggest setbacks yet. Never mind that update 4.0 didn't add much to Battlefield 2042. The worst part is that the game has become a hazard to play for some players.

As reported by @TalonPlaysYT, the latest Battlefield 2042 patch has added a "dangerous" seizure-inducing flashing in the menus and in-game.

It's not clear yet just how prevalent the problem is and what DICE is doing. Those who've seen the flashing also haven't found a way to replicate the problem consistently enough. This makes it all the more difficult for certain players to avoid the issue until the developers can apply a fix.

The most troubling part here is that EA and DICE haven't addressed the issue or the tweet above yet, which suggests that a solution is a ways off. Of course, if this changes, you can expect us to come up with an update. Until then, those with epilepsy and sensitivity to flashing lights have no choice but to stop playing Battlefield 2042 for the meantime.

If it's any consolation, update 4.0 isn't all bad news for Battlefield 2042. Save for the admittedly threatening flashes, EA and DICE finally added voice chat to the game.

Battlefield Dangerous Flashing Aaa Shooter
Some think that EA and DICE are better off moving on from Battlefield 2042.

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