Battlefield 2042 announces Season 2 Battle Pass

The new Battle Pass includes a new Specialist, weapons, vehicles, and cosmetic items that players can unlock.

We are just a day away from the much-awaited Season 2 of Battlefield 2042. Fans of the game have been eager to start the new season after Zero Hour brought significant changes to the game.

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There are 100 tiers for the Season 2 Battle Pass of BF2042.

Season 2 of Battlefield 2042 is entitled Master of Arms and it builds on the progress that we experienced in the previous season. Devs over at DICE said that they have been listening to comments from the community and are adapting to the demands of its player base. EA will kick off Master of Arms by announcing the new Battle Pass that accompanies the upcoming season with a new trailer. The Battle Pass will have 100 tiers of free and premium items that players can unlock until the end of the season.

Season 2 also comes with one new map called Stranded where players fight on and around a grounded shipping container. Level designers for BF2042 noted that the new map will be smaller but will contain more items that provide cover for players.

What’s in the Season 2 Battle Pass?

Battle Pass
There will be 30 free tiers for the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Season 2 of the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass will have 100 tiers divided into 30 tiers of free content and 70 tiers of premium/paid content. The new support specialist Charlie Crawford will be unlockable at tier 4. As a support specialist, he can revive downed players as well as lay down cover fire with his Vulcan Minigun. Meanwhile, only the four-seater EBLC-RAM armored vehicle can be unlocked via the Battle Pass at Tier 16. The Polaris RZR buggy is not included in the unlockable vehicles. Finally, players can unlock the concussion grenade throwable at tier 28.

The Premium Battle Pass adds 70 tiers of mostly cosmetic items for players to unlock. There are new skins for several specialists shown in the trailer with the Tier 100 reward being the Bloodsport II skin for Crawford.

The Premium Battle Pass comes with a Legendary Specialist Set for Boris and the Legendary Red Eye weapon skin. The Premium version also unlocks the first twenty tiers of the Battle Pass.

New map design

There will be no significant gameplay changes come Season 2 of Battlefield 2042. However, the addition of the new map should be very interesting as it showcases the lessons that the game designers have learned on building levels for the game.

Players previously criticized BF2042 for the lack of cover and long walks to points of interest on all the maps. Some have called the original maps as "walking simulators".

The Exposure map that came out in Zero Hour featured improvements to the map design and was well received by players. It had a faster pace to the gameplay and had fewer areas where players were exposed to snipers and vehicles.

DICE has also reworked the Kaleidoscope map by making the area smaller to help improve the flow of the game to condense the gun battles to specific locations. The developers will next work on the Renewal map which is extremely large and had vast open spaces where players can get picked off by snipers perched on the high wall at the center of the map.

Battlefield 2042: Master of Arms will go live on August 30, 2022. The fan-requested class system will make its way back to BF2042 in Season 3.

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