EA and Dice Just Dropped a Huge Battlefield 2021 Teaser

After months of leaks and speculation, Electronic Arts and DICE have finally broken their long-standing silence. Seemingly out of nowhere, DICE dropped a huge Battlefield 2021 teaser, where it told fans to get ready for a reveal "soon".

DICE has just dropped what's perhaps the biggest Battlefield 2021 teaser so far.

What Does the Battlefield 2021 Teaser Mean?

All that's left now is for EA and DICE to drop a trailer confirming the setting of Battlefield 2021, among others.

DICE nor EA have revealed Battlefield 2021 in any capacity, which is why the latest Battlefield 2021 teaser is such a big deal. The recent announcement is arguably the first time that EA and DICE have said anything major about the next Battlefield game. In it, DICE confirmed that three EA studios are working on Battlefield 2021.

According to DICE, "the biggest team ever" is working on the upcoming Battlefield title. This is in line with earlier reports and statements. DICE claims that together, the three studios are "creating a jaw-dropping experience" that players will get a chance to enjoy "later in 2021".

Unfortunately, as exciting as it is to hear that a lot of big names are working on the next iteration in EA and DICE's AAA shooter, the latest announcement didn't really delve too much into the specifics. If it's any consolation, DICE did reveal some exciting news. Right now, they are working on "polishing, balancing, and making the best possible Battlefield game".

However, while DICE did use some pretty hype-worthy words to describe Battlefield 2021, what's perhaps the biggest takeaway is the possibility that Battlefield 2021 might release only on next-gen consoles and the PC.

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Nowhere in the announcement did DICE explicitly say that Battlefield 2021 was a next-gen exclusive. Yet, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that Battlefield 2021 won't likely release on the PS4 or Xbox One.

While that is indeed unfortunate, DICE did mention that Battlefield Mobile is in the works with a 2022 release date.

Where the Battlefield 2021 Leaks Right All Along?

After the failure of Firestorm, it seems like EA and DICE want to make sure that the next Battlefield game doesn't suffer from the same fate.

DICE's latest statements regarding Battlefield 2021 caught the attention of fans all over the world. More importantly, the details also seem to confirm what leaks and rumors have suggested these past few months. Case in point, there were earlier leaks that Battlefield 2021 will release as a next-gen exclusive. There were also rumors that Battlefield 2021 will have a much higher player count and larger-scale destructible environments than ever before.

With that said, we can never know for certain until DICE releases Battlefield 2021 later this year.

If another set of earlier rumors are to go by, the earliest we could see more of Battlefield 2021 could be at EA Play Live 2021.

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