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Battlefield 1 re-enters Steam’s top 10 best-sellers chart

Even though it was only temporary, the six-year-old game performed better than the latest entry in the Battlefield franchise.

Battlefield 1 is set during World War 1.

The Electronic Arts-published title Battlefield 1 is back as one of Steam’s top 10 best-sellers chart six years after its release.

Battlefield 1’s resurgence was originally reported by Emopulse with about 41,000 concurrent players at the time of the report. However, the game’s concurrent player numbers later surpassed 50,000, marking its highest concurrent player numbers since its 2020 launch on Steam.

Battlefield 1’s player count was enough to place it back inside Steam’s top 10 best-sellers chart alongside popular new releases like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and EA Sports’ FIFA 23.

The game's sudden resurgence is largely due to its heavily discounted price of $4.79 at the time. However, Battlefield 1’s price has since reverted to its original price of $39.99 and the game has severely dropped in ranking on Steam’s chart.

Nevertheless, Battlefield 1’s record numbers cast a shadow on the latest installment in the Battlefield series titled Battlefield 2042. Although released last year, the game’s concurrent numbers within the same period were negligible and several fractions below that posted by Battlefield 1.

While Battlefield 1’s discounted price might be given as an excuse, Battlefield V, which is also an older game with a similar price point to Battlefield 2042, also posted a much higher concurrent player number that highlights the issues faced by Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield Better Than Modern Warfare
Battlefield 1 performed much better within the same period than Battlefield 2042 which was released only a year ago.

Battlefield 2042 has received numerous criticisms since it came out last year as fans haven't felt satisfied with the game at all. Thankfully, things are starting to turn for the better after Vince Zampella took over and the company started fixing many of the game’s issues. Still, Battlefield 2042’s Steam numbers are indicative of its performance across other platforms, which implies that his efforts remain largely wasted.

Notwithstanding Battlefield 2042’s issues, some gamers still believe it is a great game. Popular Twitch streamer Shroud recently shared his opinion stating that the game is better than Activision’s recently released best-selling game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Despite Battlefield 2042’s issues, EA will take great pride in the knowledge that Battlefield 1 is still highly sought after despite its age. The company published Battlefield 1 in 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The first-person shooter action-adventure title was inspired by World War I and introduced several elements that its predecessors didn’t have. Battlefield 1 was a successful game both commercially and critically. It sold over 15 million copies and received positive reviews from critics who lauded its setting, multiplayer modes, graphics, and sound.

In other Electronic Arts news, the video game company has reportedly axed two popular racing franchises in Project CARS and Dirt. Also, the company recently confirmed a deal with Marvel that will see it develop multiple games for the entertainment behemoth, including an Iron Man title.

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