Battlefield 1 giveaway promo rumored for EA Play next week

Renowned leaker and informant Tom Henderson apparently got wind of an upcoming Battlefield 1 giveaway.

Were you planning to buy Battlefield 1 anytime soon, possibly due to hype leading up to the release of Battlefield 2042 later this year? Maybe hold off on that - a new rumor floating around indicates that the game might be EA's next giveaway.

EA Play, the publisher's personal showcase event and alternative to E3, kicks off on the 22nd of July bringing a slew of trailers, reveals and information about upcoming titles.

EA remains one of the most successful - if not most loved - publishers in the industry, so this is kind of a big thing. During events like these, giveaways have become common, and it makes sense that something would tie into an event likely revolving around the next title in EA's flagship FPS franchise.

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We recently ranked Battlefield 1 as the best game in the series, so it makes sense that many players would kill time between now and the October 22 release date of Battlefield 2042 with the cream of the crop - even though the spike in Battlefield 4's player count indicates a modern setting scratches the itch better.

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However, we'd suggest holding off on buying Battlefield 1, at least until EA Play. Tom Henderson, one of the most reputable informants in the FPS fandom whose scoops are consistently legit, has gone on Twitter to report that Battlefield 1 will be "free to download next week", possibly only on PC.

Free to download is pretty vague - can players keep it making it a real giveaway, or this is just some sort of free-play week that acts as a temporary demo? It isn't clear just what form this promo will take, but considering the fact that Battlefield 1 is a five year old title now, it wouldn't be surprising if EA decided to give it away as a marketing hook for the upcoming 2042.

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Either way, we'd keep our eyes peeled for any giveaways going up on EA's storefront.

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