Cosmetics-only Battle Pass confirmed for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

It's almost as if Rocksteady Studios didn't just hear about Crystal Dynamics shutting down support for Marvel's Avengers.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is at least looking and playing very well ahead of its launch in May.

As per earlier reports, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will have a cosmetics-only Battle Pass.

The upcoming Arkhamverse game will pick up five years following the events of Batman: Arkham Knight and give us a very different world - one that we'll look at through the eyes of the titular Task Force X. But, while the upcoming co-op RPG title was the highlight of Sony's first State of Play showcase of the year, fans couldn't help but groan after hearing Rocksteady Studios' revelation.

For what it's worth, the way the studio worded the promised new post-launch content support that includes new playable characters, weapons, and missions makes it feel like they're all coming free. However, the presence of a Battle Pass remains iffy. Although Rocksteady promises that it will exclusively contain cosmetics, it feels like we've been down this road before.

Rocksteady should've taken notes from the demise of Marvel's Avengers. Crystal Dynamics' insistence of turning a decent superhero outing with enormous post-launch content support potential into a live-service title ultimately ended up being its undoing. Square Enix only has itself to blame for the game's disappointing sales number.

The only respite we have from Rocksteady's bad news is that its Rocksteady we're talking about - not Crystal Dynamics.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a nice spin on the typical superhero formula that could end up influencing DCU films in the future.

Rocksteady turned Arkham Knight from one of the worst games at launch to an absolute beast following multiple rounds of fixes and patches. Not to mention, the post-launch DLC and expansions for the game were nothing short of amazing. If Rocksteady can maintain a similar level of content quality for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, fans get their fill. Still, the loot treadmill nature of the game casts serious doubt over its post-launch outlook once it's out on May 26.

If it's any consolation, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League couldn't be any worse than last year's Gotham Knights, which apparently was so bad just because of the Xbox Series S.

Given that James Gunn intends to create a unified DC Universe across multiple mediums, including video games, things are on the up and up for DC fans. Hopefully, Rocksteady will have a chance to flesh out the ArkhamVerse even more under the new regime.

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