Is Bane going to appear in the Peacemaker TV series? Probably not

Several reports are suggesting that Bane could be a part of the Peacemaker TV series, but James Gunn's confirms that this isn't true.

Bane is an iconic Batman villain that holds the distinction as the only being to have ever "broken" the bat. An imposing physical specimen, Bane's initial run in the original comics saw him literally break Batman's back. Since then, several adaptations of Bane have tried to incorporate this storyline. This includes Tom Hardy's take on the character in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises, where he effectively cripples and forces Christian Bale's Batman into retirement.

Many have tried to break Batman's back, both literally and figuratively. Only Bane has succeeded.

Since then, no movie has attempted to bring Bane bac to the big screen. However, if the recent rumors are to go by, the gigantic Batman antagonist might be headed to the small screen next.

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Will we see Bane in the Peacemaker spin-off TV series?

Despite his small stature, Tom Hardy's portrayal of Bane in Dark Knight Rises was widely praised.

James Gunn's The Suicide Squad didn't do that well in the box office. However, this hasn't stopped fans from asking for more. Although there is no The Suicide Squad sequel in the works, James Gunn does have a follow-up DCEU project. The writer/director is set to take his unique talents to the smaller screen alongside John Cena in HBO Max's Peacemaker TV series.

The chance to see more of John Cena's "douchebag" of a character in his own TV series was more than enough of a draw for most audiences. However, there are rumors that Bane is going to make an appearance in Peacemaker, if only for a slight cameo.

Unfortunately, just as the hype reached fever pitch, Gunn himself went on Twitter to set the record straight.

So, yeah. We don't think we're going to see Bane, whether it's portrayed by Dave Bautista or anyone else, anytime soon. However, as per Gunn's other tweets in the same thread, he does admit that he loved the character. He even admitted that he's not opposed to seeing John Cena's Peacemaker "getting his ass kicked" so the possibility of Bane appearing in a DCEU movie or TV series is not out of the question.

What we can take away from this is that Bane isn't going to appear in the first season of Peacemaker, but appearances in future seasons aren't off the table. We hope that Peacemaker pulls in enough viewers in the eyes of Warner Bros so that everyone can see Bane in action again.

In the meantime, you can watch Dave Bautista, who previously showed his interest in playing the villainous role, in Season 2 of See.

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