Bandai Namco is hosting an anniversary event for Elden Ring

The live event will be held at Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm and streamed on Twitch.

Almost a year ago, FromSoftware launched Elden Ring, which means that the beloved Award-winning title will soon celebrate its first anniversary. Bandai Namco will be gathering the Tarnished to celebrate the occasion in a live event.

Bandai Namco Is Hosting An Anniversary Event For Elden Ring
The Tarnished will be gathering to celebrate the first anniversary of Elden Ring.

Bandai Namco, which published Elden Ring, announced that it will be hosting an event at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm. The publisher revealed that the live event will be broadcast globally via Twitch.

"Welcome to our [Elden Ring] 1 year anniversary celebration in Stockholm," Bandai Namco announced on its official Twitter page. "On the 25th of February, we invite you all to celebrate with us at Red Bull Gaming Sphere in Stockholm. The event will also be live streamed on Twitch. More info coming (very) soon!"

Elden Ring will have a lot to celebrate on its first anniversary, as the game achieved overwhelming success when it was released last year. The Soulslike title broke several sales records and dominated the gaming scene for much of the year.

Elden Ring had a massive haul of gaming awards last year. The game edged out God of War Ragnarok for Game of the Year in several game awards, and remains one of the most popular titles across discussion boards and digital marketplaces.

Will we be getting DLC?

Bandai Namco Is Hosting An Anniversary Event For Elden Ring
Fans speculate that the event may be a venue to announce the DLC for Elden Ring.

Fans are speculating that the anniversary event will be the venue to showcase new content for Elden Ring. FromSoftware previously teased that it will be adding more content to the already massive game, and leaked images suggest that the studio is working on DLC. However, it is unclear if this DLC will be ready for reveal before the February 25 anniversary celebration. 

While it would make fans happy to hear about new content at the event, we would not keep our hopes up. The event is described as a "community celebration" and will feature a live show, giveaways, contests, drinks, cosplay, and exclusive prizes. The live event will also have a PvP competition.

Bandai and FromSoftware still have several weeks but an important announcement such as an upcoming DLC will have most likely been teased by the studio to drum up attendance to the event. We suspect that Bandai Namco would reveal any DLC at a major event such as the Summer Game Fest or E3.

Even if an expansion announcement is unlikely at the Stockholm event, fans should still check out the livestream. FromSoftware may tease information about the future of Elden Ring or even a future project at the event.

Elden Ring is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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