Bad Bunny to star as El Muerto in upcoming Sony Pictures film

Rapper Bad Bunny will be the first-ever Latino lead character in a live-action Marvel film when he stars as the titular hero, El Muerto, in 2024.

Sony Pictures just beat Marvel Studios in casting a Latino lead in a Marvel movie for the first time.

Bad Bunny is fresh off scene-stealing performances in Narcos: Mexico and Bullet Train.

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According to Sony's CinemaCon panel, Bad Bunny will star as El Muerto, an underrated Spider-Man villain who is also a wrestler. The rapper/actor was at the announcement and shared that the opportunity is "amazing" and "incredible".

Sony is starting to build its Sony's Spider-Man Universe outside of just Venom. The critically-panned Jared Leto-led film, Morbius, might not have pulled in as much as Tom Hardy's pair of Venom outings, but the oft-delayed film was a solid attempt. With Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Kraven the Hunter and Dakota Johnson's Madame Web coming out in 2023, Sony is giving audiences something to tide them over until El Muerto and Venom 3 comes out.

El Muerto isn't the most recognizable Spider-Man villain. The masked wrestler hasn't appeared in a live-action film before and isn't a particularly popular choice in Spider-Man video games as well.

In the comic books, El Muerto is a moniker adopted by Juan-Carlos Sanchez's family after wearing a mysterious mask that's passed down from one generation to another and grants them, among others, super strength. El Muerto previously wrestled against Spider-Man in the comic books. However, Spider-Man and El Muerto haven't had many memorable fights, so it's interesting that Sony Pictures is going the route of a relatively unknown character for its next solo movie. If nothing else, the character's blank slate should give Sony plenty of room to improve and unleash its creativity.

For what it's worth, casting Bad Bunny in the lead role of El Muerto is spot on. Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is a multi-talented figure who is of Latin descent in real life, just like El Muerto. More importantly, Bad Bunny is a professional wrestler signed with the WWE. The former WWE 24/7 Champion should be able to do the role justice since he wrestles professionally in real life.

Sony is fleshing out its cinematic universe with obscure characters with tons of potential.
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