Back to the Future stars reunite following the film's 36th anniversary

And just like that, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd captured every older Millennial's childhood in a single photo.

Back to the Future is one of the most iconic movies in cinema history. The sci-fi comedy, which first premiered back in 1985, might not have gotten the future right, but it did give older Millenials a ton of memories. The film starred Michael J. Fox in the role of Marty MacFly, a teenager who finds himself getting sent back in time to 1955 in a DeLorean that can travel through time and was invented by the local mad scientist, Christopher Lloyd's Emmett "Doc" Brown.

Rick and Morty was based on an alternate take on Doc and Marty.

Marty's quest to try and get back to the present timeline has since spawned two sequels, an animated TV show, video games, theme park rides, and even a stage musical.

With how expansive the Back to the Future films were and how popular they remain, it's only understandable that fans and even newer audiences are asking for a reboot. Although we don't think that this is going to happen anytime soon, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox did reunite recently just in time for the film's 36th anniversary.

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Is a Back to the Future reboot or sequel ever going to happen?

In a world full of reboots, we're somewhat thankful that Back to the Future wasn't remade or rebooted.

The original Back to the Future trilogy pulled in nearly $1 billion in the global box office, on a more modest $99 million budget. Given its success, you can't help but wonder if a reboot or sequel is ever going to come. However, it appears that there is a slim-to-none chance of this ever happening.

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Fox has since retired from acting and he is basically the only actor who could ever play Marty MacFly. There's no chance that a sequel is going to happen without him. Meanwhile, Robert Zemeckis, the writer and director of the original trilogy, holds the rights to the franchise. He's also mentioned before how he'd do everything he could to block any attempt at a remake or a reboot.

With that said, it was nice to see Fox and Lloyd get together for a photo as the franchise celebrates its 36th anniversary.

The heartwarming photo is more than enough for fans who have come to love and grow up with Lloyd and Fox, as well as the rest of the Back to the Future stars. The trilogy isn't just beloved among audiences, it is still a staple in the sci-fi genre. People still point to the trilogy when arguing how time travel should work.

Speaking of time, it'll be a long wait before anyone will get a chance to see a new Back to the Future film, whether it is a reboot or a sequel.

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