Back to the Future stars address potential reboot

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd speak on their involvement or otherwise in a Back to the Future reboot.

Back to the Future is widely considered to be one of the best science-fiction films ever made. The film, released in 1985, garnered rave critical reviews and spawned a highly successful franchise that includes two sequels, an animated television series, theme park rides, and a stage musical.

Back to the Future is widely regarded as one of the best films of all time.

Now, several decades later, the film’s beloved stars, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, have shared their opinions on the rumored possibility of a reboot.

Fox, who starred as the protagonist Marty McFly in the film revealed during a recent interview with Variety that he has no interest in returning for another film. Fox made it clear that he, along with the franchise's masterminds, director and writer Robert Zemeckis and co-writer Bob Gale, isn't keen on the idea of a reboot.

Fox’s refusal to entertain the idea of a reboot stems from his belief that the story has already been brilliantly told. He stated, "I don't think it needs rebooting because are you going to clarify something? You're going to find a better way to tell the story? I doubt it."

However, Lloyd, Fox’s co-star who brought the eccentric Doc Brown to life, is of a different view. In an earlier interview with Yahoo Entertainment, he stated, "Maybe if somebody came up with an incredibly unique story for number four, but we've moved on a little bit. So I don't think that's gonna happen, but you never know."

Even if he were interested in a reboot, Fox’s personal struggles might prove to be a challenge in his involvement.

Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991, Fox battled the illness privately until 1998, which is when he publicly revealed his condition. Eventually, his health forced him to step back from acting, and in 2020, he bid farewell to the big screen.

Michael J. Fox believes the trilogy is perfect as it is and does not need a reboot.

Back to the Future chronicled the wild adventures of Lloyd’s Doc Brown and Fox’s Marty McFly as they zoomed through time in their trusty DeLorean time machine, exploring various eras in the fictional town of Hill Valley, California.

The first movie, released in 1985, shattered box office records on its way to becoming the highest-grossing film of that year. Its success paved the way for two equally enthralling sequels, completing a time-bending trilogy that left fans in awe.

While many fans of the franchise will agree it ended on a high note and provided a befitting ending to its story, they harbor hope of a new installment. In 2018, The Hollywood Reporter conducted a poll that revealed that 71% of respondents will rather have a Back to the Future film over a Toy Story or Indiana Jones film.

And while Fox will rather not see a reboot, he admitted that he will remain supportive all the same. In his words, "There’s no role for me in it, but I’ll be cheering from the side."

By the way, Fox’s career, life, and advocacy for research into Parkinson’s disease are on display in Still, a new documentary that debuted on Apple TV+ last week.

Although the chances of seeing a new Back to the Future film remain slim, it has been reimagined as a Broadway musical that is set to debut on stage on June 30.

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