Avatar: The Way of Water sails past Titanic for third all-time spot

James Cameron just sunk his own ship as Avatar: The Way of Water now sets its sights on Avengers: Endgame and Avatar.

For the nth time, Avatar: The Way of Water continues to break records. M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin might be the top film at the box office last weekend, but Avatar 2 made history not long after.

Avatar: The Way Of Water Sails Past Titanic For Third All-time Spot
Avatar: The Way of Water's success has effectively changed the Hollywood landscape for the next decade.

Technically, Avatar: The Way of Water's global box office take, which now sits at $2.174 billion globally, hasn't surpassed Titanic's yet at $2.2 billion. But, it's only a matter of time. Also, Avatar 2's overseas total, $1.538 billion, is already ahead of the numbers posted by Titanic. It now sits in third place behind Avengers: Endgame ($1.9 billion overseas) and Avatar ($2.1 billion overseas).

Although Titanic will be re-released on February 10, which should add a couple of million to its earnings, Avatar: The Way of Water technically still has at least a few good weekends to establish itself at the No. 3 spot on the global charts.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Avatar: The Way of Water will climb further. We're predicting $2.25 billion or maybe $2.3 billion for Avatar 2 when it's all said and done. It's impressive but nowhere near enough for it to top the other two juggernauts ahead of it.

Avatar: The Way Of Water Sails Past Titanic For Third All-time Spot
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be out on February 17.

The good news is that Avatar 2 has done its fair share to fulfill the promise of James Cameron that it needed to earn big for the sequels to happen. The only question now is, how will Avatar 3, 4, and 5 fare when they come out on December 20, 2024, December 18, 2026, and December 22, 2028, respectively?

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