Rumors suggest that the August State of Play is scheduled for the 19th

The PS5 event that we've all been waiting for is reportedly coming soon.

Sony's relative silence over the past couple of weeks is duly noted. However, if recent reports are to be believed, the gaming giant plans on making a splash very soon with an August State of Play showcase scheduled for the 19th.

Leaks suggest that the next Sony State of Play will revolve around Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

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Is the August State of Play confirmed?

Sony has to address the rumors about the Forbidden West delay.

Multiple reports and sources have speculated that August will be big for Sony. Now we are over one week into the month and this clearly hasn't been the case, yet.

According to Robert Serrano, Sony is planning to host a PlayStation showcase on August 12, just weeks ahead of Gamescom 2021. He claims that the showcase would contain updates on God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West, the latter of which has been subject to rumors of a potential delay.

However, Serrano later stated that Sony has decided against the pre-Gamescom 2021 showcase and postponed it until September 16.

So far, Sony has not confirmed both speculated State of Play showcase dates for August.

Now, Future Games Show producer, James Jarvis, claims that Sony plans to hold its next State of Play on August 19. Furthermore, audiences can expect an announcement to drop sometime today, August 10.

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As per James, the next State of Play by Sony will talk about the Forbidden West delay and provide updates on Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Gran Turismo 7. He also added that it will come with a surprise announcement.

Many believe that this surprise has something to do with Abandoned, a PS5-exclusive that many are speculating is a Metal Gear Solid game.

Is Sony going to host a State of Play soon?

Sony has yet to reveal the name of the next God of War game.

Even without these rumors, it's reasonable to expect Sony to host a State of Play. The Japanese company usually reserves some of its biggest showcases for right around summertime, especially these past couple of years as it has opted to skip E3 in favor of hosting its own independent show.

With that said, the next State of Play will have a lot of ground to cover. The last one was a bit of a disappointment as it only talked about Deathloop, which has already gone gold.

We can only hope that the next State of Play doesn't disappoint and are hoping for a much larger showcase that includes new trailers for the next God of War game, Gran Turismo 7, Abandoned, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and much more.

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