Atomic Heart is finished and ready for distribution

With less than a month before its officially released, Mundfish’s upcoming action RPG/FPS title called Atomic Heart has gone gold.

Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Mundfish have teamed up for an exciting new project, Atomic Heart, which is a Bioshock-esque shooter about the Soviet Union set in an alternate universe. The developing team announced on Twitter that their upcoming action RPG/FPS title has gone gold.

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The soundtrack is produced by Doom Eternal producer Mick Gordon

Not to be confused with the music industry equivalent of the term, going gold in the video game industry means that the project has passed all phases of production and the final product has been copied onto a gold disk. This means that this version of the game is its final form, which will be duplicated and distributed through various outlets. So far, it has been announced that the game will be released on February 21 and will be available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and PCs.

With more than 25 hours of game time on the main story, the upcoming title will be a unique single-player experience. For those that are hungry to go beyond this frontier, Atomic Heart offers many interesting objects and hidden laboratories to explore. Since these locations will be available even after finishing the main story, players are free to go right at it.

The multinational team at Mundfish originally had ambitions of creating a multiplayer, but after some setbacks, the idea was scrapped after the development process had started. This resulted in a delay that pushed its release date from autumn of 2022 to the current release date. It might have taken its time to create the most immersive single-player experience with this IP, but a post-release multiplayer DLC shouldn't be out of the question.

From the beginning, we wanted to tell the story of where progress and technology can spiral out of control and tell a fantastic story of a confrontation between man and machine"

This is how the developer described the story, which places the player in the shoes of the protagonist Major Necheav, or Agent P3. This Soviet special agent exists in an alternative timeline where the Soviet Union defeats Nazi Germany but they suffer even more immense human casualties. This shortage of labor forced the government to experiment with robot workers and a prototype internet network in 1955. Agent P3 is sent to investigate an incident in one of the USSR's research facilities and that’s where the gameplay starts.

Now that Atomic Heart has gone gold, it should come out in February.

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