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At last, the class system is returning to Battlefield 2042

The much-requested class system will be implemented in Season 3 of Battlefield 2042.

A new class system will be launched in Season 3 of BF2042
A new class system will be launched in Season 3 of BF2042

EA and DICE are trying to win players back to Battlefield 2042 by adding features requested by the community. It started with the implementation of the scoreboard system and an announcement that they are redesigning some of the maps to help streamline gameplay.

Season 1 added a new map called Exposure along with updates and tweaks to the gameplay. The map featured faster and more frequent gunfights than previous levels and has been well received by audiences.

The team at DICE has continued to build on the renewed interest in the game by releasing a development update video detailing the changes that will be coming to the shooter in Seasons 2 and 3. The biggest change will be the introduction of a class system in Battlefield 2042.

The devs have called the feature "polarizing” and acknowledged that this feature has been requested since the game was launched.


Boris will be part of the engineer class.
Boris and his deployable sentry gun will be part of the engineer class.

The familiar class system from previous Battlefield games will make a return to Battlefield 2042 in Season 3. The four classes are Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support.

The Assault class will focus on getting into the thick of the action with their mobility and armor. McKay, Sundance, and Dozer will be part of the assault class.

Recon specialists provide intel, situational awareness, and long-range fire support for the team. Paik, Casper, and Rao will make up the recon class.

The support class focuses on healing, resupplying, and reviving team members. Falk and Angel are the two support class characters. The new specialist to be released in Season 2 is also expected to be part of the support team.

Engineers will take charge of deploying sentry turrets and mobile covers while also using explosives to destroy enemy vehicles. Irish, Boris, and Liz will be in the engineer class.

The class system is a huge departure from the original specialist system that is currently being used in the game. Specialists are not going away but will be tied into the class system.

Class gadgets and abilities

Dozer will serve as a shield for the assault class.
Dozer will serve as a shield for the assault class.

The availability of open gadgets and throwables will now be split and unique to certain classes. Each class will only be able to equip the gadgets that fit their roles.

Class equipment will also be available for all specialists in a given class. An example would be the Med Pen that is available for the assault class which gives them the ability to get back into the fight quicker.

Recon specialists will get the Insertion Beacon while the support class gets the Defibrillator. Engineers will have the Vehicle Repair Tool as their class equipment.

Season 3

The class system will be available during Season 3 of Battlefield 2042 which is expected to be released around the holidays. Alexia Christofi of the BF2042 development team mentions "this is a significant change from us development-wise which is why we're taking the time to get it right."

The development update video should appease fans of the game who were reportedly unhappy that only one map has been confirmed for Season 2. The new content should also entice players to return to the game.

The official announcement of Season 2 has been mentioned in the video and is expected to arrive before the end of the month. Fans anticipate Season 2 to begin around the middle of September.

Watch the full Development Update video here:

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