Here's Assassin's Creed Valhalla's Entire World Map

The latest Assassin's Creed game, Valhalla, will be launching tomorrow and with the press embargo already up, rave reviews are being posted by all the big publications. As we've long since come to expect from the series, this Viking romp in the cold north of Europe will be an open world affair, and if the AAA can be expected to do one thing it's to increase the size of everything in sequels.

Appropriately, Valhalla is the largest Assassin's Creed game to date, spanning several locations for which we now have maps!

SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers for Assassin's Creed Valhalla beyond this point.

PowerPyx got a hold of fully uncovered world maps for all of Valhalla's regions that can be visited in the game, as well as suggested power levels. The primary locations are Norway and England, which are where the majority of the story will take place and offer the largest areas to explore, while a few other regions - some mythical - will set the stage for Eivor's more challenging adventures.

The suggester power levels go up as high as 340, so we're guessing this won't be the same kind of character level system as seen in Origins or Odyssey - or if it is, we hope XP gain is insanely boosted!


You begin the game in Norway, but you probably won't be able to max out this region before moving onto raid England, since it contains some high level areas. The larger chunk of the map is called Rygjafylke and is the starting location - the suggested level here is, predictably, one. However, up north you get Hordafylke with a recommended level of 280 (!) meaning you'll have to farm English peasants for a hot minute before visiting.


This is where you can expect to spend the bulk of your time, with plenty of regions of varying level suggestions spread across a colossal 120 km². For reference, the entire combined size of every location in the game is 140 km². Valhalla sports the largest map - a record it would hold even if England was the only area available. The recommended power levels are as follows:

  • Ledecestrescire = Level 20
  • Grantebridgescire = Level 20
  • East Anglia = Level 55
  • Lunden = Level 90
  • Oxenefordscire = Level 90
  • Sciropescire = Level 130
  • Cent = Level 130
  • Lincolnscire = Level 160
  • Essexe = Level 160
  • Suthsexe = Level 160
  • Eurviscire = Level 190
  • Jorvik = Level 190
  • Glowecestrescire = Level 220
  • Snotinghamscire = Level 250
  • Wincestre = Level 250
  • Hamtunscire = Level 340
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We're not sure what they feed folk in Hamtunscire but unless you're well prepared, they're ready to tell you exactly what they think of your pithy little Viking axe and where you're welcome to shove it.


Historically, Vinland is the unspecified region of the North American coast where Leif Erikson landed with his troop of Viking explorers as early as 1000 AD, doing what Colombus is credited with a good half millennium earlier - and without causing a genocide, too! We may not know where it actually was, but Assassin's Creed won't let minor details like that get in the way of squeezing the most historical spectacle out of a setting. You get to this area fairly late in the game.


The legendary home of the Norse Gods is visited by Eivor in a dream-quest, and can be unlocked after building the Seer's Hut in your settlement and completing a specific quest-chain started by said Seer.


Another mythic location, this time home to the evil Ice Giants, Jotunheim is unlocked by completing missions in Asgard.

This sums up the maps of all playable locations in Assassin's Creed Valhalla - for now! We know how DLC happy Ubisoft usually is, just look at all the extra areas and locations they added to Origins and Odyssey post-launch!

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