Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Binding Fate Quest Guide - How to Beat Fenrir

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest instalment in the AC dynasty, and Ubisoft has done a lot to keep the game fresh and interesting for veteran Assassin’s Creed players. Some of the game’s many side quests include killing beasts from Nordic lore. These are typically tough, unpredictable mini-bosses that allow players to change up their playstyle from fighting normal enemies.

One of the most recognizable – and one of the toughest – of these mini-bosses is Fenrir. Don’t worry, though; we’re here to help you beat him and reap the rewards.

Who Is Fenrir?

Fenrir is a huge wolf from Nordic mythology – according to legends, he’s the monstrous offspring of Loki and a giantess named Angrboða. He’s foretold to bring about Ragnarök (essentially the Nordic apocalypse) by killing Odin. In AC Valhalla, Fenrir is huge, he talks, and he’s faster than he looks.

Fenrir in AC Valhalla
Fenrir in AC Valhalla

Fenrir’s attacks range from a biting lunge to digging underground to circle the player before leaping out to attack. He will also occasionally grab a large tree from the background to use as a club against players.

Starting the Binding Fate Quest

Talk to Tyr to start the "Binding Fate" quest
Talk to Tyr to start the "Binding Fate" quest

Fighting Fenrir is the climax of the “Binding Fate” quest. To start this quest, you have to travel to Heimdall’s Tower after returning to Asgard from the Jotunheim sage. You will then be instructed to go to Lyngvi Island to speak to the god Tyr and face Fenrir.

Fighting Fenrir

We generally recommend that you make sure you’re at least power level 255 before you decide to fight Fenrir, otherwise, the fight will be even more difficult than it already is.

There are a few really important things to keep in mind when you fight Fenrir. The first is to avoid facing him head-on – instead, attack him from the sides so that it’s easier to avoid him when he lunges at you. Focus your attacks on his legs for the most part; his “kneecaps” glow green, indicating weak points that you should attempt to hit as much as possible.

Use your bow to attack Fenrir's knees
Use your bow to attack Fenrir's knees, highlighted in green

You’ll also notice arrows all over the battlefield – this is your hint to start using Eivor’s bow, Skadi’s Wrath. When you’re using your bow, use your “Focus of Nornir” ability to slow downtime and get a couple more arrow strikes in before Fenrir can dodge them. The arrows are usually found with the battlefield’s many clusters of healing mushrooms. This is your hint to try and stay away from him as much as possible during the battle – ranged attacks are going to serve you much better than trying to kill him with melee weapons.

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When Fenrir starts tunnelling around you, a cloud of dirt is going to rise up and indicate where he is while he circles you. Use this indicator to your advantage and anticipate his attack. Make sure you dodge him because if Eivor gets bitten by Fenrir, he’s going to take a massive amount of damage.

The fight against Fenrir features a unique mechanic – every time he loses a third of his health, you have to bind him to continue the fight. The R3/RS “Bind” option will appear at these points in the battle. Follow the command, and Eivor will tie a golden rope around the wolf’s torso. After you bind him for the first time, Fenrir will start to utilize the background trees in his attacks.

Bind down Fenrir

Fenrir uses the trees in one of two ways – sometimes, he will use it as a club, and sometimes, he will throw it at you while he’s flanking you. The strategy for this is the same as avoiding his lunge attacks – don’t face him head-on, attack his legs from the sides.

The trees aren’t the only new move that Fenrir has up his sleeve after his first binding – he will sometimes run in a circle around you so fast that he creates a small tornado. Make sure that you’re keeping your distance from him when he starts doing this, and make sure you’re keeping your battles in the centre of the playing field so that you have room to retreat if you need it.

The last move that Fenrir has up his sleeve is that he will jump into the corner of the battlefield and start hurling large rocks at you. Keep to the sides and run in a serpentine pattern to avoid these onslaughts and watch for the lunge attacks that Fenrir does after he howls.

By the end of this boss fight, you should have completely tied Fenrir down, thus defeating him. Congratulations! You’ve beat one of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s most difficult mini-bosses, and you can move on to the “Cheating Fate” phase of your quest.

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