Aspyr Media's KOTOR Remake Is Reportedly in Development

You'd think that there'd be plenty of excellent Star Wars games released by now, but you'd be wrong.

A Knights of the Old Republic remake would easily be in contention as the best Star Wars game of all time.

Although there are plenty of good games based in the Star Wars universe, the number of truly great ones is few. Among those is Stars Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, a trilogy published by LucasArts with BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment working on the first and second games, while Dark Horse Comics published the prequel comic series.

With that said, fans have been asking for a Knights of the Old Republic remake for years, which paved the way for rumors and speculations. However, it wasn't until earlier this year that the credibility of such unfounded information got a lot more solid.

Jason Schreier Confirms Knights of the Old Republic Remake

A few months ago, we reported on video game industry insider Jason Schreier confirming the existence of Aspyr Media's Knights of the Old Republic remake. Fast forward to just a couple of days ago in a recent MinnMax interview, Schreir confirms again that "there is something there" when asked about the KOTOR remake.

For those that don't know, Aspyr Media is a video game development company that specializes in video game ports.

Aspyr Media has had a hand in porting multiple big AAA games to other platforms. They're also very experienced when it comes to porting Star Wars games. Previously, Aspyr Media handled the Mac and mobile versions of Knights of the Old Republic, as well as the console versions of Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Jedi Academy, and Republic Commando.

You can watch the interview for yourself for more information. Feel free to skip ahead to around the 2:31 and 58:30 marks to only hear about the bits relevant to the KOTOR remake.

Is Aspyr Media's Kotor a Remake or a Remaster?

The plot twist at the end of Knights of the Old Republic remains just as clever today as it was years ago.

One thing that Schreier has yet to fully explain is the scope of the KOTOR remake. In particular, fans are wondering if it is an actual remake or just a remaster of the older KOTOR titles. Either of the two would certainly be welcomed by Star Wars fans, but a project like the former would be a huge undertaking and would probably take years. Meanwhile, a remaster wouldn't look as good but if it does gain enough traction, it is possible that it could lead to a full remake down the line.

Financially, going the route of releasing a remaster before eventually going with a remake would make sense. However, it could just as easily backfire.

Hopefully, Lucasfilm Games decides to clarify all of these rumors soon.

Speaking of Lucasfilm Games, the latest initiative definitely seems like it's paying off dividends. In addition to the rumors of a KOTOR remake by Aspyr Media in the works, there are multiple Star Wars video games in development. This includes Star Wars Hunters, an open-world Star Wars game by Ubisoft, as well as a rumored sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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