Armored War Machines are coming to Warzone and Vanguard in Season 2

The Call of Duty team has revealed that armored war machines are coming to Vanguard and Warzone on February 14.

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific and Vanguard is arriving on February 14. Word on the grapevine over the past few weeks suggests that Season 2 of Vanguard and Warzone will come with new modes, weapons, and changes to the map. Unfortunately, with no official confirmation, we haven't been able to say for sure that these are coming to the publisher's marque shooters - until now.

Armored War Machines Coming Warzone Vanguard
It's as if the Call of Duty game just threw whatever they could think of for Season 2 to see what would stick.

After dropping news about the new vehicle on Twitter, Activision published a blog post that revealed everything that Call of Duty fans can look forward to in Season 2.

Come February 14, Call of Duty players can start taking out huge armored transports and wield Nebula V. The latter is a type of poison gas for Warzone Pacific that players can use to deny areas by emitting a poisonous gas cloud that deals similar damage to getting caught outside the collapsing circle. But, as interesting as that may sound, getting your hands on Nebula V shipments is easier said than done. The AI-armored transport trucks guarding them on Caldera will require persistence, skill, and a whole lot of luck.

The same mechanized armored trucks are arriving in Vanguard as well via a new mode, Arms Race. The said mode will feature squad transport vehicles, tanks, as well as motorcycles, which translates to vehicular combat warfare.

Speaking of Vanguard, Sledgehammer Games' latest Call of Duty will get two new maps: one for urban warfare, Casa Blanca, and another vertically-oriented map, Gondola. In addition, three new Operators from Task Force Yeti will arrive: Alpine resistance fighter Anna Drake, heavy gunner Thomas Bolt, and Brazilian sniper, Gustavo dos Santos.

Also, we've got good news for those waiting for Ranked Play to come to Vanguard. The beta will kick off in Season 2 and will feature visible skill ratings, competitive rewards, as well as rules similar to the Call of Duty League.

On the free-to-play side of things, Warzone Pacific will get Caldera Clash, which Activision describes as an "evolution of Clash on Verdansk '84". Meanwhile, the second mode, Rebirth Iron Trials, is a Duos mode involving a total of 40 players (or 20 squads) in what appears to be a slightly altered version of Iron Trials '84.

Armored War Machines Coming Warzone Vanguard
Only time will tell if all the additions coming to Vanguard and Warzone Pacific in Season 2 will be enough to keep players interested.

Having said that, there's a lot to look forward to in Season 2 of Vanguard. The only thing missing now is to find out if the Call of Duty team executed it properly.

Battlefield 2042, Halo Infinite, and Call of Duty are all bleeding players. Unlike before when these three were the only options on the market, the industry is full of alternatives that are just as good if not better. Although Activision Blizzard posted record microtransactions in 2021, the publisher admitted that sales of Call of Duty were done by a significant amount for the second straight year. Meanwhile, Halo Infinite just lost at least 90% of its player base on Steam with players also vacating EA's Battlefield 2042 after DICE delayed the game's first season.

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