Arkane Studios make May 2 release date for Redfall official

Bethesda's first big exclusive since being acquired by Microsoft will be out later this year.

Redfall is about to be finished hibernating (or brumating, depending on which vampire author we're talking about) as the developer, Arkane Studios, has officially confirmed when the upcoming co-op shooter is coming out.

arkane studios release date redfall official
id Software, the makers of the DOOM games, are helping out Arkane Studios with Redfall.

After being delayed from its original release date last year, Redfall will be available to play on the Xbox Series S/X and the PC on May 2.

Arkane was at the recently-concluded Developer Direct stream where it joined other Bethesda Softworks subsidiaries (and Mojang Studios) to reveal more about Redfall. In addition to the release date, Arkane gave us Redfall gameplay footage as well. This one, in particular, is all about the game's lighthouse, where you'll have to fight through vampires who are hell-bent on defending their territories.

Apparently, the vampire nests in Redfall will change every time you go inside. You'll need to rid areas of vampire infestation by destroying a heart.

Aside from the main story missions, Redfall also offers side quests that you and up to three other players can work together to complete.

Don't worry, you're not going in unarmed. Each of the four survivors will have unique abilities and traits. Also, you'll have a wide assortment of weapons to choose from, including customizable vampire stakes, shotguns, and sniper rifles. But, be careful, Redfall will pit you and your teammates against powerful bosses that have abilities as well.

arkane studios release date redfall official
Redfall is a huge risk for Arkane Studios, which are best known for narrative-driven single-player titles.

Arkane claims that Redfall is an amalgamation of everything it wants to see in a game. After the studio's previous outings won awards, it at least deserves the benefit of the doubt. We'll likely find out more about the abandoned island town that's been ruined by scientifically created vampires as we inch closer to the release of Redfall.

Speaking of Redfall, Arkane previously claimed that the co-op shooter is less Left 4 Dead and more Far Cry. We're hoping Arkane is talking about the series' earlier entries, which are widely considered the best in the franchise. Otherwise, Redfall might be the first bad game that Arkane has developed in forever.

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