Arkane says launching Redfall on Game Pass is "scary"

The upcoming open-world shooter is coming to the Xbox Game Pass on the day of its release.

Gamers are excited that Redfall is coming to the Xbox Game Pass as a release day addition. Having the AAA from Bethesda available on launch day is a win for players.

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The experience of releasing on day one is both shocking and scary for Arkane Studios.

However, Arkane Studios does not seem very excited for Redfall to have a day-one release on the game subscription service. Arkane Studios Director Harvey Smith recently sat down with GamesRadar for a deep dive into the upcoming horror shooter. Smith described the experience of releasing the game on Xbox Game Pass as "shocking" and "scary."

"The pool that Game Pass offers is huge for us. It's kind of shocking and scary in a way,” Smith said about releasing Redfall on the subscription service. "How many people are going to play Redfall in the first week? What if it's a lot more than we anticipated?"

Smith adds, "we're going to get a lot of feedback very quickly and a lot of people will see what we've spent the last few years on."

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The development of Redfall was greatly affected by the pandemic.

The studio director went on to explain that Redfall’s development was greatly affected by the Pandemic. The team had to adjust to the changes in the working environment brought about by COVID19. The pressure brought about by developing a massive game for Bethesda and Microsoft coupled with the stresses that came with the uncertainty of the pandemic would have had a huge effect on the team.

"Redfall is our pandemic game, man," Smith shares. "It's easy to forget now, but there were dark days during the pandemic. People on my team were sitting at home alone, losing their minds because we didn't have vaccines yet, and nobody was sure what it meant for their kids and for the economy."

Fortunately, the devs at Arkane pulled through and are almost ready to release the game. "The team carried each other through it all; Zenimax, Bethesda, and Microsoft were very good to us during that difficult time. Now that we're on the other side of it, the last thing I got to do here is ship Redfall," Smith said.

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Redfall will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Redfall has piqued the interest of a lot of gamers for its unique spin on the horror shooter genre. Arkane earlier revealed that the game is their take on Left 4 Dead but rather a spin on Far Cry. The open-world setting will make for some pretty interesting exploration.

Redfall will be released sometime in the first half of this year. Arkane has not yet announced a final date for the launch of the game. There were reports that the launch was delayed internally for about six weeks to avoid the crowded release window in the first quarter of 2023.

Redfall is coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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