Arkane Lyon is reportedly working on a "more ambitious" project

According to a supposedly trustworthy but biased insider, Microsoft never really believed much in Redfall in the first place.

It feels as if the insider's words are part of Microsoft's damage control team trying to keep the reputation hit from Redfall to a minimum.

Some games get pushed out to market only to die. Case in point, Arkane Studios' latest outing, Redfall, is the best example of this.

Critics and audiences don't like Redfall at all and the situation is getting worse. Now, there's an influx of new info about the game's development. An interesting tale supposedly comes from a French retailer who throws Arkane Lyon and Redfall under the bus.

For context, Arkane Studios is split into two different studios. Arkane Lyon is the lead developer of the Dishonored franchise and Deathloop. Meanwhile, Arkane Austin worked on Prey, which had nothing to do with the game of a similar name from way back then, and Redfall.

Going back to the source, a rough translation claims that no one believed in Redfall and Microsoft wanted to push it out of development as soon as possible. Furthermore, Arkane Lyon is working on a "much more ambitious game," which is in line with earlier rumors.

Unfortunately, the same source refused to reveal more information about what Arkane Lyon is working on.

As Arkane Lyon and Arkane Austin usually take turns with its release, it makes sense that it's Arkane Lyon's turn next.

However, what the leaker is trying to say doesn't paint Arkane Lyon in a good light. But, regardless of the public perception, it's not hard to get behind the idea that Microsoft crunched the numbers and thought that it would cost the company less to release a "bad" game than to cancel it altogether. Besides, you don't give a game the same release window as Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Diablo 4 and expect it to do good.

Keep in mind that not even bugs and crashes are keeping gamers out of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Last of Us Part 1.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what happened behind closed doors now. The onus is on Starfield to perform better when it launches in September.

Hopefully, by then, Microsoft will start selling more Xbox units.

Arkane Lyon's next produced a "bad" game so far, so it makes sense for their projects to get more hype.

In other more positive news for Xbox, the upcoming Xbox Home UI is seen by insiders as a marked improvement over the previous one.

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