Ariana Grande is holding a virtual concert in Fortnite

Epic Games has officially confirmed that Ariana Grande is the next star to hold a virtual concert in its popular battle royale shooter, Fortnite.

While several singers have attempted to hold their own virtual concerts in Fortnite, very few have managed to reach the same heights as Travis Scott did back in 2020.

Ariana Grande Virtual Concert In Fortnite
Ariana Grande is set to rock the virtual stages as the main highlight of Fortnite's Rift Tour.

Now, an even bigger star in the award-winning actress and singer, Ariana Grande, is set to turn Fortnite into her own playground as she's scheduled to hold her own virtual concert from August 6 to August 8.

Epic Games announces the Rift Tour concert series

Ariana Grande Virtual Concert In Fortnite
Here are the schedules for the Fortnite Rift Tour.

After much speculation, leaks, and data mined from the game's files, Epic Games has officially confirmed who the next superstar to hold a virtual concert in Fortnite is going to be.

The Rift Tour is a concert series that will star the pop superstar, Ariana Grande. It appears that Epic is setting up Grande's event to be of the same magnitude as Scott's a year ago. In fact, it could even be bigger, with potentially more guest artists popping in, and also more gameplay sections.

Of course, the rest of what we said is just speculation. Epic has only confirmed Grande as the headliner of the event.

Epic Games explains that the Rift Tour is going to take place on August 6 (6:00 PM ET) with subsequent shows on August 7 and 8 to make sure that everyone from other time zones can also watch the virtual concert. In addition, Epic has warned that concertgoers might want to login earlier (at least an hour before the concert is scheduled to go live) as the playlist will go live at least 30 minutes before it starts.

To no one's surprise, Epic is celebrating the Rift Tour with themed cosmetic items. Those who are interested can buy an Ariana outfit from the Fortnite in-game shop, as well as a Piggy Smallz Back Bling, starting on August 4 (8:00 PM ET).

Epic is also giving away an umbrella glider to everyone who attends the show.

Similar to previous Fortnite performers, this is part of Epic's attempt to keep giving players more reasons to come back, and for gamers who wouldn't otherwise play Fortnite to give the battle royale title a chance.

Of course, Epic doesn't expect everyone who attends the concert to stick around. Most probably won't. However, these types of marketing stunts have proven themselves to be a lucrative venture for Fortnite in the past. We highly doubt that a virtual concert featuring the "7 Rings" singer will not pull in as much as Scott's Fortnite did - $20 million including merchandise sales.

Official confirmation of the Rift Tour came a few hours earlier than Epic's original August 2 announcement date. It appears that the developer chose to release the teaser video earlier than expected, probably because data miners had already started leaking important information ahead of the official reveal.

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