Is Ariana Grande coming to Fortnite?

An information dump from a leaker suggests that Ariana Grande is coming to Fortnite as a skin, along with a virtual concert.

With Epic Games' Fortnite, you never know what to expect. After the game welcomed the Mad Titan Thanos before it even celebrated the first year of its launch back in 2018, Epic Games has introduced even more cameos into Fortnite.

Ariana Grande's next concert might be of a virtual kind.

In fact, Fortnite's reach has extended to real-world celebrities, with Travis Scott famously holding a virtual concert in the game that reportedly raked in $20 million in gross sales.

Now, it looks like 28-year-old American singer and actress, Ariana Grande, is the next to head to Fortnite.

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Just how credible is the most recent Fortnite leak?

Ariana Grande and Katy Perry are two celebrities who have had a cameo in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.

A Fortnite leaker claims that they have come across information confirming that Ariana Grande is coming to Epic Games' battle royale title.

If you head on over to the r/FortniteLeaks subreddit, you'll come across a compiled post from a moderator that contains a lot of information about the upcoming additions for Fortnite. The most notable of these claims is that Ariana Grande is going to hold a virtual concert in the battle royale shooter "soon".

The same leaker is also the one that revealed information about the Primal season way before it arrived in Fortnite.

So, while most leaks are unlikely to come true, this one definitely has some weight behind it.

If the leaks are true, it wouldn't be the first for the award-winning superstar.

Previously, Grande worked with Square Enix and appeared in its mobile game, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. She has also repeatedly mentioned her love for video games in numerous interviews. In fact, she's singled out games like 2020's Sackboy: A Big Adventure, as well as Mario Kart and Mario Party, in the past.

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The success of Travis Scott's virtual party in Fortnite might have also encouraged Epic Games to try and do it again.

In addition to the $20 million in estimated gross sales, Travis Scott's special virtual concert pulled in 12.3 million players. This dwarfs the attendance that the rapper would have played in front of in Coachella had the event not been canceled earlier in the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just to give you some context, far more people attended Travis Scott's Fortnite concert than the entire population of Los Angeles and New York City combined.

If the success of Travis Scott's concern is to go by, Grande's virtual concert should be just as successful if not even bigger.

Grande is one of the most talented and celebrated artists of her generation. She has won two Grammy Awards and holds 22 Guinness World Records, with the Billboard honoring her as 2018's Woman of the Year, the greatest pop star of 2019, and the most accomplished female artist to debut in the 2010s.

In other Fortnite news, one of the latest skins to drop in the game is Loki and Lebron James.

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