Argentine channel is airing The Super Mario Bros. Movie while it's still in theaters

Why wait for Blu-ray releases when GenTV is allegedly taking requests for films still showing in theaters?

Nintendo has a notoriously merciless legal team, but it seems some are still willing to skirt the rules. The Super Mario Bros. Movie won't be available on any streaming site for at least another week due to copyright laws, but it has already been screening on an Argentine channel for several weeks.

Despite copyright laws that protect recently released films, GenTV started airing the Illumination film just a week after its premiere. A recording of the film airing on the channel was uploaded by Twitter user ElBuni, and it was surprising to see that the film was high quality, in contrast to the illegally recorded camera versions captured by people in cinemas.

Axel Bosso, a resident of Argentina and editor at The Gamer, confirmed that the video uploaded by the Twitter user was indeed genuine. He further added that there are several other channels broadcasting The Super Mario Bros. Movie in the country.

This is not an isolated incident for GenTV, as they have reportedly aired films soon after their release in the past. Online sources suggest that the channel has even been accepting requests for films, indicating that they are fully aware that they are infringing upon copyright laws.

Nintendo, which has a reputation for its stringent stance on digital piracy, has not commented or taken any action in response to the Argentine channel. At the very least, we know that Nintendo and Illumination are not concerned about losing money from this.

Nintendo will likely explore more of the Mario universe through film adaptations in the near future.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has already earned $871 million globally and is poised to surpass $1 billion, making it the first film of 2023 to achieve this milestone and the highest grossing video game movie of all time.

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