Arcane Wonders announces Call of Duty board game

Arcane Wonders will launch a Kickstarter to finance the game’s development later this year as they aim for a Holiday 2024 launch.

Board game developer and publisher Arcane Wonders has announced a new strategy game named Call of Duty: The Board Game in conjunction with Activision Blizzard.

Call of Duty: The Board Game will be financed via a Kickstarter campaign.

Call of Duty: The Board Game brings the long-running FPS franchise to the tabletop. According to its developer, its design will incorporate "novel combat, movement, and line-of-sight mechanics." It's a two-player base game that will retail for $50 but participants will have the option to combine multiple sets for four-player matches.

While Call of Duty: The Board Game is based on the first-person shooter franchise, Arcane Wonders revealed it is not based on any particular entry. The board game will be set in the same world as the 2019 reboot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and use that title’s weapons and maps. Nevertheless, it will remain a standalone entry with its own unique story.

Historically, adapting first-person shooter titles for the tabletop has met with more failure than success. However, Arcane Wonders believes it has cracked the formula. In a statement to Polygon, the publisher’s CEO and founder, Bryan Pope, said they will provide more context on the title as they get closer to launch. In his words, "Obviously we will be unveiling more as we get closer to the launch, but we really feel this game captures the immersion of a first-person shooter."

Pope, who is also a lead designer on the game, revealed that, over time, they will release new products that will expand the game’s features that have already been established with the core sets. He also stated that they will "create cooperative campaigns for the game" in the future for 1-4 players. Sometime in the future, the game will also receive new content that will include zombies.

Call of Duty: The Board Game’s development will be financed via a Kickstarter campaign launching this Fall with participants to receive a special collector’s edition containing the retail product and other items. On why the company is taking this route, Robert Geistlinger, Arcane’s president, revealed that it offers them the chance to make the game exactly as they want it and offer it at an affordable rate as using the traditional route would make the game too expensive to develop.

In a statement accompanying the reveal, Pope expressed his company’s thrill to be working with Activision Blizzard on the project. He stated their commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience to fans of the first-person shooter title. In his words, "As life-long COD fans, we've worked hard to capture the scope, stakes, and sheer intensity of the video games in ways that COD fans and board gamers new and old will love. We're looking forward to bringing the unforgettable fun and competitive frenzy of COD to game night for years to come."

The board game will launch in retail stores next year.

Arcane Wonders is popular for the titles Sheriff of Nottingham, Mage Wars Arena, and the Dice Tower Essentials series.

In other Call of Duty news, Activision is selling classic Call of Duty weapon sounds from the original Modern Warfare 2 to the 2022 reboot of the title as well as Warzone 2 Season 3. Also, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 will add Ranked Mode for Battle Royale in a bid to make the game more competitive.

Call of Duty: The Board Game will arrive on Kickstarter this fall and will be available across retail outlets worldwide from the 2024 holiday season.

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