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Aquaman talks about family life in first trailer for The Lost Kingdom

Black Manta becomes a bigger threat to Atlantis and the surface world in Aquaman 2 in the latest trailer.

Aquaman faces off with a familiar villain in the sequel.
Aquaman faces off with a familiar villain in the sequel.

Aquaman finally re-emerges from the depths after five long years. And this time, he is bringing his son and most of his family along for an adventure.

Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios just released the first trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The new trailer gives fans a glimpse of Arthur Curry's life after being away for a long time. The teaser also reveals the main villain for the upcoming movie.

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The new trailer clocks in a 2 minutes and 46 seconds and gives fans a pretty good idea of what to expect with Aquaman 2. In the Lost Kingdom, Aquaman is now the ruler of Atlantis and a father to Arthur Jr. commonly referred to by comic book fans as "Aquababy." The half-Atlantean navigates life as a dad and ruler to half a billion people which is a huge departure from his previous life in the first movie where he mostly spent his time in the pub or rescuing stranded sailors.

Black Manta makes a return in the upcoming sequel as the new main villain. After being thoroughly defeated in the first film, David Kane returns with a new weapon, the Black Trident, and seeks to take revenge on Aquaman for killing his father. Aquaman alongside half-brother Orm Marius and his mother Atlanna work together to save Atlantis and the entire world.

James Wan returns as director for the second film. The first Aquaman movie was a huge commercial success for DC Films, earning $1.148 billion at the box office with an estimated budget of just $200 million. It is the highest-grossing film in the DCEU and for a DC Comic character. The first movie is currently the 28th highest-grossing film of all time and peaked at 20th place.

Amber Heard makes a very brief appearance in the trailer. The actress returns as Mera, Queen of Atlantis, after the highly publicized defamation trial between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp. During the trial, Heard testified that her role in the movie was greatly reduced by Warner Bros. after the fallout of her marriage to the Pirates of the Caribbean star. According to the actress, a bunch of scenes were taken away from the movie with reports indicating that she will only have a screen time of around 10 minutes.

Aquaman's family takes center stage in the sequel.
Aquaman's family takes center stage in the sequel.

Wan shared with Entertainment Weekly that the second movie was always focused on the relationship between Arthur and Orm. "I always pitched this to everyone from the get-go," Wan shared. "The first 'Aquaman' was Arthur and Mera's journey. The second movie was always going to be Arthur and Orm. So, the first was a romance action-adventure movie, the second one is a bromance action-adventure movie."

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom marks the end of the DC Extended Universe. James Gunn previously mentioned that the new slate of movies starts after Aquaman 2. The first movie for the new look DC Universe is Superman: Legacy which Gunn will write and direct. He later clarified that Blue Beetle is the first character for the DC Universe.  

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hits theaters on December 20.

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