April Resident Evil Showcase Scheduled on the 15th

Capcom has spent the past couple of months building up Resident Evil 8 Village. At the same time, they've teased fans regarding what they have in store for the survival horror franchise's 25th anniversary. This includes announcing, multiple times, that they'll hold a Resident Evil 8 Village Showcase, among others, in April, weeks prior to the game's release.

Capcom has released a final schedule date for the upcoming April Resident Evil showcase.

Now that April is in full swing, Capcom has finally confirmed when fans can expect to get a chance to watch April's Resident Evil showcase and what's in store for those who will follow the event closely.

When Is the April Resident Evil Showcase Going to Air?

The April Resident Evil showcase will kick off on Thursday, April 15, at 3:00pm PT, 6:00pm EDT, and 11:00pm BST or the 16th at 8:00 AM AEST, with Brittney Brombacher returning to host the event.

How to Watch the April Resident Evil Showcase

Capcom will be streaming the April Resident Evil showcase live on stream. You can click here for the official showcase livestream link.

What Is the April Resident Evil Showcase Going To Be About?

As we've already mentioned earlier, Brittney Brombacher will return to host the upcoming Resident Evil Showcase. The Director of Marketing & Community of What's Good Games has revealed a bit of what to expect from the show.

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According to her, Capcom will show fans a brand-new trailer of the upcoming eighth mainline installment of the Resident Evil franchise. They'll also show off gameplay footage that fans have never seen before. However, as Capcom has already promised earlier in March, the event will feature far more as well.

Most likely, the event will introduce more info on the upcoming Resident Evil title Resident Evil Re: Verse. This is also the perfect time to talk about the other upcoming non-gaming Resident Evil projects. Other surprises that Brombacher hinted at include appearances by the producer of Resident Evil Village, Tsyuoshi Kanda, with the game's director, Morisama Sato, also set to join him.

Of course, considering how much Capcom has hyped up the event over recent months, it is highly possible that this is all just the tip of the iceberg. We're hoping that Capcom read our wishlist and delights audiences with some pretty big news.

Luckily, as agonizing as it is to wait, April 15 isn't too far off. It probably won't take too long for us to find out what the showcase will feature.

Until then, Resident Evil fans can keep themselves busy for a couple of days by downloading the open beta of the Resident Evil Village multiplayer mode.

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