What to expect from Apple's October 18 tech event

Apple is hosting its second event in a month, this time geared towards Mac lovers.

No. We are not joking. Apple is holding a second big event in four weeks. After announcing the iPhone 13 back in September, Apple's next streaming event is coming soon. However, unlike the last time, where Tim Cook and his pals over at Apple revealed the iPhone 13 lineup, the next showcase on October 18 will be a lot less explosive. But, make no mistake, there are still going to be some pretty noteworthy reveals, with many expecting Apple to announce the next set of Mac devices.

Apple October Tech Event Guide
The M1 chip is still barely a year old, but it appears that Apple already has a successor planned.

Having said that, here's what we believe that Apple will show off the next time it takes the stage, on Monday.

A new line of MacBook Pros

Apple October Tech Event Guide
After already revealing the iPhone 13 lineup last month, a new set of MacBook Pro laptops is all but confirmed for a reveal on October 18.

When Apple holds two events in the same Fall season, you can expect Mac news to fill the second one. Because of this, many are expecting Apple to unveil a new line of MacBook Pro laptops on October 18. This would go in line with the several rumors that have floated around these past few months, some of which include potential specifications for the new MacBook Pros.

One rumor that has prevailed in recent months is the introduction of a new and improved M1 chip. The so-called M1X is a follow-up to last year's ground-breaking M1 chip. Other potential reveals include 14-inch and 16-inch models, 1080p webcams, more Thunderbolt ports, and the removal of the much-criticized touch bar.

The M1X Mac Mini

Apple October Tech Event Guide
The relatively lackluster M1 Mac Mini will reportedly get a more port-filled follow-up.

Speaking of the M1X, many are expecting Apple to release a new Mac Mini model running the M1X processor.

Many criticized last year's Mac Mini for falling short in certain areas. For example, while many loved the performance of the M1 model, the USB-C situation was an entirely different story. The 2020 model came with only two ports, which is nowhere near enough in 2021. Because of this, several reports are suggesting that Apple will release an M1X model with up to four ports and at least two additional USB Type-A ports, among others.

Perhaps the most interesting report comes from Bloomberg, which suggested that Apple could increase the memory cap to 64GB on high-end setups, from 16GB.

Say hello to Monterey

Apple October Tech Event Guide
Monterey is more of a refinement than a huge improvement, unlike the previous MacOS.

Something else that most audiences expect Apple to talk about at the October 18 event is MacOs 12, otherwise known as Monterey.

Apple had already revealed the Big Sur follow-up at WWDC earlier this year, but the tech giant refused to give it a release date then. However, it's expected to come this year, and with only two months left in 2021, Apple's best chance to generate hype for the upcoming macOS update is to launch it on October 18 at a Mac-focused event.

Is Apple going to reveal new AirPods on October 18?

A potential reveal at the upcoming Mac-focused event is the new, redesigned Airpods. Normally, Apple would have announced something like this at an iPhone event. But, since this didn't happen back in September, Apple might announce it at the second Fall event scheduled for Monday. Most rumors suggest that the new set of entry-level AirPods will mirror the AirPods pro and come with silicone ear tips for better noise-blocking capabilities.

What else should Apple fans expect on October 18?

If you're an iPhone fan, don't expect Apple to headline two consecutive events with iPhone announcements. Apple has already revealed the complete iPhone 13 lineup and it's too premature to reveal iPhone 14, especially as the company struggles to keep up with the iPhone 13 demand.

Of course, anything can happen and while we don't expect more iPhone-related news, Apple could drop something Mac-related but unexpected on October 18.

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