Respawn Entertainment Confirms Apex Legends Arenas

A little over two years since it was first released, Respawn Entertainment's take on the battle royale genre, Apex Legends, remains one of the most popular and fun battle royale games. However, while players are still having a blast with the standard 60-player battle royale mode, it seems like Respawn Entertainment's eyes are already looking well into the future.

Arenas is a brand new 3v3 combat game mode coming to Apex Legends soon.

Following earlier rumblings of a new mode coming to Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has formally announced Arenas.

Arenas will serve as the first permanent game mode introduced to Apex Legends that isn't a battle royale.

What Is Apex Legends Arenas?

The brand new Arenas game mode takes everything that you love about Apex Legends and transforms it into a tactical shooter. And, no, it doesn't completely feel like Titanfall either. From the characters to the weapons and even the shooting mechanics, all of the standard Apex Legends gameplay will be in Arenas. The only difference is that instead of playing against 20 or 30 other teams, Arenas pits two teams composed of just three players against each other.

Unlike other tactical shooters though, in Arenas, there is only one way to win each round: kill every opponent on the map.

Speaking of the map, Arenas matches will all take place on maps specifically designed for this 3v3 game mode. Many of the maps will reportedly be just repurposed versions of iconic Apex Legends locations. But, unlike the typical Apex Legends match, each round will start with a buy phase after you pick your Legend. During this time, players will be able to purchase weapons, upgrades, and healing items, among others.

Unlike other squad-based tactical shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant, in Arenas, player inventory will not carry over to the next round. This prevents teams from mounting massive and often insurmountable advantages. Another thing that separates Arenas is the presence of an ever-decreasing circle. This circle will also effectively serve as a timer for each round played in Arenas.

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When Is The Release Date of Apex Legends Arenas?

Respawn Entertainment will launch Arenas on May 4, along with the Legacy update. The 3v3 combat mode will only have two custom maps at the start. However, Respawn seems committed to providing support for Arenas as a separate game mode for Apex Legends. In fact, they want to add a ranked queue in the form. The developers also intend to keep a close eye on proper balancing for the different weapons and Legends available in Arenas.

What's Next for Apex Legends?

Valkyrie serves as one of the biggest links Apex Legends currently have to the Titanfall franchise apart from the setting.

Arenas is probably the change of pace that Apex Legends players never knew they needed. Although the traditional battle royale game mode remains just as fun as ever, offering a 3v3 combat mode is a great way to spice things up in Apex Legends.

Perhaps the most important thing is that it is a low-risk commitment on Respawn Entertainment's part. The new mode has generated its fair share of hype and will likely attract diehard Titanfall fans. If the mode succeeds and grows, Respawn will have added a new revenue stream. But, if Arenas fails, it won't really hurt Apex legends that much.

With that said, the formal announcement of Arenas makes the upcoming Legacy update arguably the most anticipated update for Apex Legends yet. In addition to the Arenas game mode, the Legacy update will also introduce the Titan-wielding Legend, Valkyrie. The Legacy update will also bring changes to the Olympus map and add a new weapon - the Bocek Bow.

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