Anthony Mackie is not working on Captain America 4 next

Contrary to the recent rumors, Anthony Mackie's next project is Twisted Metal.

You might have heard rumors that Anthony Mackie would start filming Captain America 4. As it turns out, these reports weren't true.

If it's any consolation, Anthony Mackie appears to be excited to start shooting Twisted Metal.

The speculation was the result of an ExtraTV interview where the Avengers star mentioned that he'd start filming his next project in "a few weeks." Many viewers believed that Mackie was talking about the fourth Captain America film.

Instead, according to sources at Disney (via, Captain America 4 is not about to start filming. Rather, Mackie was talking about the live-action adaptation of Twisted Metal.

It wouldn't have made sense for the fourth Captain America movie to start filming in the next few weeks when the film doesn't have a release date yet.

The next Captain America movie might already be confirmed, but it's not part of Marvel Studios' immediate plans. Phase 4 of the MCU is expected to conclude in 2023, if not 2024, and Mackie's first solo MCU outing isn't a priority. There are a handful of other MCU solo movies that should take precedence, including the Fantastic Four reboot by Jon Watts and the Blade movie starring Mahershala Ali. Even Mackie's co-star, Sebastian Stan, isn't sure if he's returning for another go as Bucky Barnes with the newly-instated Captain America in the lead.

For what it's worth, Mackie's return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe should come before his solo movie. After inheriting and proving himself worthy of the role of Captain America, Sam Wilson should play more of a factor in future MCU films. The only question now is, when are fans going to see more of Wilson next? Only time will tell which Marvel Studios movie Wilson (and possibly also Barnes) will pop up, but with everything that's going on in Earth-1999999, we're hoping this is sooner rather than later.

After hesitating for a while, Sam Wilson finally embraced his role as the new Captain America by the end of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Speaking of all that's happening in the MCU, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will feature several cameos from in and out of the intertwined universe. With both familiar and new faces expected to lend Benedict Cumberbatch's former Sorcerer Supreme a hand, we wouldn't be surprised if Wilson is somehow involved.

Sam Raimi's Endgame-like flick will hit theaters on May 6.

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