Square Enix announcements coming on Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary in June

Fans are hoping that Square Enix will finally reveal Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 by then.

Square Enix is celebrating Final Fantasy VII's 25th birthday next month and director Tetsuya Nomura has some good news for eager fans.

Final Fantasy VII Remake did an excellent job at retelling an iconic tale and infusing new life into it. Here's to hoping that the second part does the same.

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In a recent live stream for the Final Fantasy 7 mobile game off-shoot, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, Nomura confirmed that Square Enix is making announcements regarding FF7 in June.

In an ideal world, this would mean that we're getting our first glimpse of Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, which Yoshinori Kitase, the original game's director, claimed could get an official reveal later this year. However, it's best not to get our hopes too high up even if Square Enix is also celebrating the franchise's 35th anniversary this year.

Regardless if Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 is officially revealed this year or not, fans shouldn't expect the game to come out anytime soon.

For what it's worth, June is a big month for gaming. E3 2022 might have been canceled, but Summer Game Fest as well as the Xbox and Bethesda showcase are both set to take place on June 9 and on June 12. Even if we don't hear about FF7 Remake in June from a Square Enix-hosted event, there's at least one more opportunity for the studio to drop a trailer or two. If not, then we're hoping that Square Enix at least releases the Final Fantasy 7 Remake for the Xbox.

Outside of Final Fantasy VII, fans are also waiting for more Final Fantasy news from Square Enix. Naoki Yoshida, the producer of Final Fantasy XVI, confirmed a week ago that a trailer for the game could arrive soon.

If we are lucky, Square Enix could drop the upcoming Final Fantasy 16 trailer at the Summer Game Fest so that the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 reveal can hog the spotlight during its anniversary. In between, Square Enix could also take the time to check off a couple of big titles from the Nvidia GeForce Now leak. You know, like the remakes (or is it remasters?) of Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy 9.

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