UPDATED Anime Mania free codes January 2023

Take a look at our updated and complete list of the best free Anime Mania codes for the Roblox game available now!

Looking for gold and gems in Anime Mania? Then you’ve come to the right place! This is the most comprehensive list of available Anime Mania codes.

Find the newest and updated Anime Mania free codes. Grab the free gold and gems you need now!

This list is consistently updated to provide all the active working codes and expired/inactive codes for the popular Roblox arena battle featuring characters and locations from fan-favorite anime. Whether you are a fan of Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, One Piece, and all the rest, these free Anime Mania Codes will help you get resources for acquiring new arenas and building your teams!

What are Anime Mania Codes?

The Roblox game Anime Mania has codes that generate free stuff for players. These codes give out gems, gold, or both which are needed to unlock new characters, new upgrades, additional battle arenas, and more within the game.

Get free gems and gold with these codes by redeeming them before they expire!

We recommend using the available codes as soon as possible, as they are rotated out regularly.

How to redeem Anime Mania Codes

It’s easy to redeem Anime Mania Codes. Just follow these steps:

  • Launch Anime Mania on your device.
  • From the Main Menu, look for the tab marked as CODES at the bottom left.
  • Input the codes by typing each one at a time.
  • Click on SUBMIT.
  • Boo-yah! Enjoy your free Gems and Gold.
Once you enter the codes through the redemption process, the free gems and gold are added to your pool.

List of Anime Mania Codes

Working Codes (as of January 2023)

Anime Mania codes listed in this section have been verified to work, as of the date last checked.

  • BIGMOMUPDATE1 - Rewards: 500 Gems and Gold
  • BIGMOMUPDATE - Rewards: 500 Gems and Gold
  • YAKRUSFINALGOODBYE - Rewards: Free Gems and Gold 
  • REVIVAL?? - Rewards: 200 Gems and 200 Gold

Expired and Inactive Codes (as of January 2023)

Codes for Anime Mania under this section have expired and can no longer be redeemed.

  • IFOLLOWEDYOU - Rewards: 50 Gems and 100 Gold
  • MHARelease? - Rewards: 500 Gems
  • SORRYFORTHEBUG - Rewards: Free Gems and Gold 
  • THANKSFOR150K - Rewards: Free Gems and Gold
  • atlastZerO - Rewards: 500 Gems and 1000 Gold
  • EtherealMiracool - Rewards: Gems and Gold
  • OffClan - Rewards: Gems and Gold
  • etherealmiracleE - Rewards: 500 Gems and Gold
  • Miracle - Rewards: Gems and Gold
  • Dessi - Rewards: 650 Gems and 1000 Gold
  • Aricku - Rewards: 500 Gems and 1000 Gold
  • SPGBlackStar - Rewards: 500 Gems
  • HUNTER X HUNTER UPDATE - Rewards: Gems and gold
  • HWYT - Rewards: 500 Gems
  • 100K! - Rewards: 1000 gems and 3000 gold
  • maruto2? - Rewards: 600 Gems and 1000 Gold
  • OFFSM00K - Rewards: 350 Gems and 1000 Gold
  • JOJOUPDATE - Rewards: 300 Gems and Gold
  • Star - Rewards: 625 Gems and 1000 Gold
  • HotFIX - Rewards: 1500 gems
  • 1PIECE - Rewards: 1200 gems
  • TWITTEREYES - Rewards: 500 Gems and Gold
  • FIXITROBLOX - Rewards: 400 Gems and Gold
  • REAPER? - Rewards: 250 Gems and Gold
  • STRESSTEST - Rewards: 450 Gems and Gold
  • REAPERUPDATE!! - Rewards: Gems
  • bugsFIX - Rewards: 450 Gems
  • FOLLOWERSONLY- Rewards: Gems
  • animeMANIAHYPE - Rewards: 500 Gems and Gold
  • SORRYABOUTTHAT - Rewards: 500 Gems and Gold
  • 100MILVISITS - Rewards: 1500 Gems and 10k Gold
  • OffMeno - Rewards: 1000 Gems
  • ibeMaine - Rewards: 500 Gems
  • MHARelease? - Rewards: 500 Gems

Note that you can only use each code once for each account. We highly recommend redeeming any active codes as soon as possible, as they may expire without notice.

Going from regular to SSJ? Free gems and gold will help with that. Check our page regularly for new free codes to redeem!

Come back regularly to this page for Anime Mania Free codes and go check out our other guides of the top Roblox games and secrets, right here. We have the newest promo codes for other popular Roblox experiences such as WimbleWorld, Sonic Speed Simulator, Ro-Ghoul, and Anime Fighters Simulator!

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