AN-94 Custom Class for COD: Warzone

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Below is our recommended AN-94 loadout for Warzone. Other weapon loadout guides can be found here.

The AN-94 was released in Season 5 of Warzone. You unlock this weapon at Batte Pass Tier Level 31, for free. While many players may initially be hesitant to use the AN-94, with the proper attachments it equals the Kilo and CR-56 AMAX in competition, in our opinion.

You need to level up your AN-94 to at least level 66. We have a full guide on how to upgrade your weapon, battle pass tier, and player fast. We also have a guide on all the attachments for every weapon along with their unlock level requirements.

The setup below gives not only reasonable recoil control, but also excellent overall mobility.

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For the Muzzle attachment, you should choose the Monolithic Suppressor, for that damage range boost in addition to sound suppression.

The Monolithic Suppressor for AN-94 unlocks at level 66.


You should choose the most extended available Barrel for any weapon you take into Warzone. For the AN-94, this is the AN-94 Factory X-438mm Barrel.

It will give you increased damage range, bullet velocity, and better recoil control.

The AN-94 factory X-438mm unlocks at level 45.


You have two choices when it comes to Underbarrel attachment - The Commando Foregrip and The Merc Foregrip.

Our recommended Underbarrel attachment, in this case, is the Commando Foregrip. The reason for this is that it gives you good recoil stabilization and aiming stability, while making sure your ADS speed doesn't decrease.

Choosing the Merc Foregrip will penalize your ADS speed, which is not a good thing considering we will be putting an Optic on this weapon that will further decrease your ADS speed.

The Commando Foregrip unlocks at level 6 (TBC).


You can choose whatever Optic you prefer, as this is a personal preference. However, if you wish to have excellent accuracy and recoil control while shooting at medium to long-range, then our recommended Optic is the VLK 3.0x Optic attachment.

It transforms your weapon into a laser. Adding an Optic attachment reduces your ADS speed drastically, but in our case, since we didn't opt for a Merc Foregrip, it shouldn't affect it a lot. Surprisingly enough, the overall speed, including the ADS speed, was not bad at all. Even after the VLK 3.0x Optic attachment.

The VLK 3.0x Optic unlocks at level 27.


There are two Ammunition options that you can select here - 45 round mags or the 60 round casket mags. You can choose whatever you prefer based on your game mode. However, for Warzone, we recommend the 60 round casket mags.

The 45 round mags are useful if you're going for a Solo game. The 60 round casket mags are good for Duos, Trios, and Quads.

The 45 round mags and the 60 round casket mags unlock at level 32 and 55, respectively.

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