The Amy Hennig Marvel game will feature both Captain America and Black Panther

Skydance New Media's Marvel project will be set during World War 2.

Amy Hennig made a name for herself by spearheading the creative direction of the critically acclaimed video game franchises: Legacy of Kain, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted.

This debunks the previous rumors that Amy Hennig is working on a Fantastic Four game.

Now, Hennig is taking her talents elsewhere with Skydance New Media and her first project has officially been unveiled.

Hennig's Marvel game still doesn't have a name, but it did get its first trailer at the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase. Although the brief teaser didn't reveal much, it gave us more than enough to get hyped for what's coming. Skydance used Vera Lynn's classic "We'll Meet Again" to set the tone for the World War II setting as we're given a glimpse of an occupied Paris in shambles. The Game Awards creator, Geoff Keighley, later posted a snippet from a press release to clarify the identities of the four silhouettes featured prominently on the trailer:

Judging from the description, it looks like the narrative-driven will let you explore the world at a time of great turmoil. There's a part of the trailer that shows Captain America and Black Panther in the same scene, so we may see all four heroes at once. What's not clear is if we'll be able to switch controls between all four when that happens.

Regardless of the end result, it's clear that Skydance is aware of the expectations. The press release states that Hennig and her team are working on an original game inspired by "landmark" moments in comics, films, and television. Meanwhile, Keighley claims Hennig is saying great things about the in-development Marvel game, saying that it's in the "same vein" as Uncharted only "more inviting."

A WW2 setting is relatively unexplored by Marvel in a more mainstream medium.

Unfortunately, Skydance didn't confirm when we'll hear more about the upcoming Marvel game next. But, if Keighley is involved, we're betting that it will appear at The Game Awards in December.

Hopefully, by then, Skydance will be ready to show off more of the game and maybe even give it a release window.

Marvel fans can look forward to watching Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on November 11.

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