Among Us Jester Mod: Tips and Tricks

Among Us is one of the more unique multiplayer titles out there. Because, even though it's a game that you only get to enjoy with other people playing with you, it has a robust modding scene that is constantly creating new mods for the game.

Case in point, the 100-player mod that we previously covered.

Now, while playing with 99 other people is nice and all, it can get a little too chaotic, which is why we're here to introduce yet another mod for Among Us.

The mod we're talking about is the "Jester" mod, which adds an all-new role to Among Us, the Jester.

As is the case with the 100-player mod, this one was the brainchild of Sockford1, who first unveiled it way back in November of 2020.

What Changes in the Jester Mode in Among Us?

The biggest change in the Jester mod is that it adds another character to the game, the Jester.

Unlike the Imposter/s, whose goal is to deflect attention away from them and get other players voted out, the purpose of the Jester is that their goal is to get voted out.

This forces the Crewmates to think more carefully before they choose to vote someone out.

How to Get the Among Us Jester mod

As was previously the case with the 100-player mode, the Jester mod is not an official Among Us mode. This means that there's no way to access this mod unless you join the SockDrawer Discord and download it from there.

Be warned, playing this mod in the normal version of the game might result in a ban or suspension, especially once the developers add an official Account system.

To be safe, only play the Jester mod with friends and other people who have consented to play Among Us this way with you.

Is the Jester Among Us Mod Available on All Platforms?

Unfortunately, this Among Us mod is available only if you're playing a modded version of Among US on your PC.

Now, we're not saying that you can't play the Jester mod in Among Us on other platforms such as the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, as well as iOS, and Android platforms. However, doing so on these closed-off platforms is much more difficult and there's a higher risk of you getting punished or banned indefinitely.

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